House Rules

For the Dogwood County setting still being tinkered on. Things will be linked and expanded upon as I get them typed up.

Where things are missing, give precedence to LotFP

These are the starting available classes. More will be allowed once met or encountered in game. No attribute requirements for classes. If you wanna be bad at what you do, go I'm all for it.

Fighter - standard fight man from fight land
Specialist - a wide catchall for various experts in various fields
Magician - a practical magic user in a world full of theoretical magic users
Witch - what the ladies get up to when denied magical training

Standard six; roll 3d6 down the line.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Blood is what you spill when stabbed. You start with CON worth at level one.
Sweat is what you spill when avoiding being hit. You gain 1HD worth per level after 1st.
Tears are what is spilled when you run out of blood. You are dead.

Some attacks, like Backstabs or any made while the target is bound, asleep, etc., bypass Sweat and count against Blood directly.

Fuck 'em. We're using Wyrd and the Weaves involved therein.

Detect Magic - Magic Users only
Divination - As per Marquis' version
First Aid
Turn Undead - Witches only

Shields Shall Be Splintered
Hats Shall Be Worn


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