On Halflings, Goblins, and Raccoons

 In the last post, I offered an encountered posed as a question:

24. What if Hydras, but with Hobbits?

And that got me wondering: What IF hydras, but with hobbits? Well, the answer seems pretty clear: Goblins. 

"What? That makes no sense, you drunkard." I hear you say; to which I retort: 1) Ouch. Rude. Jesus. and 2) I can show my work. I just gotta do a little information dump to get you on the same page. It'll seem unrelated at first, and it largely is, but the concept it presents will be what's important. 

Many of the names I'm about to use have accent marks in their proper spelling, but in 20 years of knowing how to type, I've never figured out how to make them, so they won't have them. 

The Story of Fafnir

Fafnir, a dwarf with a strong right arm and a fearless soul, was the son of king Hreidmar, and brother to Regin and Otr. Known for his aggression, he served in his father's hall as a guard, keeping a close eye on the massive amount of wealth the king of the dwarfs obviously would have. He had a nice life, full of dwarf things, until - as these stories go - the gods arrived. 

You see, Odin, Loki, and Hœnir were traveling when they encountered Otr. Now Otr had the ability to change into any form, and his favorite was that of the otter. And a damn fine otter he was. So much so, Loki (of course it's Loki, it's always Loki in these stories) desired his pelt, which involved killing and skinning Otr. A task the gods made short work of. 

That night they came unto Hreidmar's hall and, pleased with their catch and unknowning it was actually a dwarf or Hreidmar's son, they proudly showed off the pelt they had harvested. Obviously, Hreidmar was displeased by this and at first demanded a life for a life to pay for the murder, however the gods made the argument that the murder was but an accident, as Otr was an otter at the time, and they had no way of knowing. Accepting that it was an accident, Hreidmar instead settled for weregild ("man price", compensation payed to a family over the lose or injury of a member). Otr was the son of a king, so his price was high: in order the gods to leave as free men they had to fill Otr's pelt with yellow gold and then cover it entirely with red gold. Agreeing to this, Odin and Hœnir remained as captives, while Loki went out in search of the gold. 

Instead of returning to the large treasure hordes of Asgard to end this unfortunately situation quickly, Loki hunts down Andvari. Andvari, another dwarf with the ability to shape shift (this time into a pike) who lived under a waterfall, was incredibly wealthy, thanks to his ring Andvaranaut, which helped in hunting gold. Using a net from Ran (sea goddess with an indestructible net; a whole other side quest), Loki was able to capture Andvari in fish form, and force him to give up both his gold and magic ring. Having no other choice, Andvari gives them up, but curses them to bring ruin to anyone who possess them in the process. 

Full of himself, Loki returned to Hreidmar and laid the gold treasure upon the pelt of Otr. The gold nearly covered all of it, save for a single whisker, which Loki begrudgingly used Andvaranaut to cover. With the wereguild paid in full, the gods were released, and go on about their way, exiting out of this story. 

Now, the type of otter Otr was was most likely the euroasian otter, because that's the only Scandinavia has, so we're looking at a pelt up to 37.5 inches (96cm) long, not including the 18 inch (45cm) tail. That's a heap of gold. A HEAP

Fueled by both jealousy and the curse, but probably mostly the curse, Fafnir drew his sword and murdered Hreidmar, taking all the gold for himself. Escaping in the wilderness, left alone with ill gained fortune, Fafnir grew twisted and cruel, his greed changing him into a serpent/dragon which breathed poison into the very land around him. 


AND we see here how Fafnir was corrupted by his greed into a dragon. This wasn't a "Oh, I want this minor material possession to make my miserable life slightly brighter for a moment" nominal amount of greed that we experience everyday, this was "I am fully inclined to murder the man whose enormous amount of gold and gems I've guarded with my life for (probably) decades without so much a thought of snatching one, and also he's my father" amount of greed - the kind you see from landlords and Wall Street. His vice/sin changed him to his very core. 

Besides Dwarf, which other usually playable race is known for a vice, such as gluttony? 

That's right: Halflings. And where as Halfings aren't Dwarfs, they're not going to turn into dragons or serpents. Their gluttony and sloth and all the other vices and sins that were carried out in the depraved bourgeois halls of Bag End would change and transform them into something else. That something else is a Goblin. 

Halflings live in a hole in the ground. To quote: "Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell...it was a hobbit halfing-hole, and that means comfort." (and decadence). 

Goblins, on the other hand, live in a hole in the ground. A nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell. A destroyed halfling hole. 

That's...asinine, but what does this have to do with Hydra?

Hydras are well known for their ability to regrow their severed heads. A goblin's ability to regrow parts is also well documented. I had a link to this documentation, however now that I needed it, it is missing. The long and short of it was that goblin basically breed through violence, quickly regrowing missing parts or even whole bodies. I'll put in the link if I can ever find it again. 

Alright...I guess. And the raccoons?

Look at the following videos. Raccoons are basically Goblins. 

Look at 'em. 

That's clear evidence that the Elves evolved the Halflings from raccoons, much in the same way they made Man from apes, and Orcs from boar. It's just basic science. 


1d30 for Izzy

Good grief, the new blogger interface is trifling and powerfully ugly. Looks like publication scheduling ain't working well either? 

Anyway, a stretch of writer's block hit and to get through it I gave a general call for random tables. Turns out my buddy Izzy needed some random encounters. I think he's using Pathfinder, but I ain't certain, nor did I take any measures to find out. 

1d30 Random Encounters for Izzy

1. A bear, porcupine, and a raccoon sit around a campfire. A barrel of booze is near by. They are not magical, can not talk nor have the means to make a fire. They will defend the booze.
2. A mostly naked wizard is in full swing of a mushroom trip. It may not be going well. Whenever they speak mutated spells ooze out of their head applying themselves upon the world. If killed in this state, a spellscar will be left on reality here.
3. The PCs come across a looter stripping corpses of their gear. If examined, the corpses are of the PCs, though the looter will not acknowledge this. 
4. A bricked pit full of blood, encircled by mark-less corpses. Neither wind nor animals stir in this location. Should the PCs leave and come back, the pit will be gone. Possible to be encountered elsewhere.
5. An ordinary chest full of gems. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Certainly not a pregnant mimic full of eggs. Nope. 
6. A water elemental is stuck in an almost dry stream bed. It's sad, lonely, and can't find it's way back to the ocean. 
7. A forest witch has passed out in her stream hovel, deep in her drunken sleep. A mysterious potion bubbles in a cauldron and several bottles chill in the stream. Her skeleton fox familiar guards them from inside the stream. 
8. A beautiful figure bathes in a stream waterfall. They wave the PCs over to join them. Should the PCs decide to get close, they'll soon learn what lingual luring is as the colossal alligator snapping turtle currently hiding behind the waterfall tries to eat them. 
9. Orc bootleggers speed down the trail on strange Gerry rigged iron wagons belching black smoke, fueled by the very shine they sell. They'll sell ya some (meth too) if you prove y'aint constables. If they smell law on ya though, they'll start slinging bombs.
10. A meteor has crashed to earth. From out of the smoking crater, biomechanicals have emerged and begun to harvest the surrounding area,  and spreading their biomechanical infection to the wildlife. 
11. 8 floating psionic octopi carrying alien instruments of brutality. A vanguard for a larger army! The war for the surface has begun!
12. Worker fairies from a nearby hive are unionizing. They'll need a third-partyto deliver their demands to the Queen.
13. A large golem (goes by Hank) waits patiently in the woods, adorned in a multitude of runes of explosion. He insists on calling the PCs his "owners" (finders keepers) and further insists that the PCs order him to explode. Turns out Hank is a mine golem from some long and forgotten magic war, and his only purpose for existing is to explode. He wants to do it soooooo bad. Won't you help him? (Destroys entire hex if exploded. No saves.)
14. A young lady is weeping over a pig. Her brother/sister has been transformed into swine, and only a stranger's kiss can revert them back. Unfortunately, the young lady is just a liar and a pervert.
15. A young lady is weeping over a pig. Her brother/sister has been transformed into swine, and only a stranger's kiss can revert them back. Unfortunately, it's a transitive curse, and will change the kisser into a pig while freeing the original victim.
16. Bear beer wizard. Will trade mead for wizard teeth.
17. Necro-jellies have got in the go'dang Potter's field again! Stop 'em be-fer they get to gran'pappy's still!
18. What if Gorcrows, but with Hobbits?
19. You meet an average enough looking fella. He doesn't blink and is too wet. He's accompanied by a boiling kettle, but no heat source. He'll offer the PCs a longer life and better healing, in exchange for something. Should the PCs accept, well then, welcome your new body mate! You now have a fun, new parasite taking care of your body to feast on your spirit. It's possibly an aboleth. +1 healing per round. Roll new mental states and take the averageof the two sets as your conscience melds. 
20. Did you know there's an elemental plane of spiders? You do now, thanks to a drunk summoner ripping a hole in reality. Enjoy.
21. Symbiote Jellies are overwhelming and bounding to a Forest Giant. 
22. "Lycanthropy" is a template you can apply. Apply it to a centaur tribe and enjoy the half-man, half-horse, half-wolf experience. Wait...it'd be full man, wouldn't it?
23. A will o' wisp and a leucrocuta begin vying for the PCs attention, leading them in different directions. Turns out the creatures have a little bet going, and both will lead the PCs to certain danger. 
24. What if Hydras, but with Hobbits?
25. A Lantern Archon has fallen in love with a normal lantern. It wants the PCs to set it up on a date, and insists they help it go off without a hitch. I ain't never seen a lovelorn Archon, but I'm guessing it ain't pretty. 
26. A small camp of Orcs are fermenting and distilling Gray Ooze. It smells horrible, but get's ya drunk!
27. What if a Rat King, but with Hobbits?
28. A ghost inside of a skeleton inside of a zombie inside of a iron golem (looks like plate armor) 
29. A group of Cyclopes are playing a version of lawn darts. There have been and will be casualties. 
30. Cosmic radioactive moon apes. 

The Wrecktangle

I've recently learned of a thing: Beautiful in it's simplicity, a masterwork in it's craftsmanship. Simple geometric form imbued with time and talent to create a work of art. 

Ugh. I should have sent a poet. 

Look at it for yourself:

The Wrecktangle, by michaelcthulhu
Chaos starts at 1:23:00

I just...god damn. I need this in my games. Cyberpunk, fantasy, other genres - it'll work. I'll make it work. 

The Wrecktangle (Y1000) 
Heavy Melee Weapon (1d12) 
* Heavy Weight
* High Quality
* Rend
Provides AC bonus as a Shield (+1) 
Takes up 3 inventory spaces

That's it, no real substance here. I just had to share this glory. 


Doing It For The Fame


Stuck in your head yet? Excellent, let's proceed.

Every software company I've worked for has had to release a patch almost immediately after a product went live. Usually for something that seemed to work and wasn't given a second glance despite our gesturing at the bug tickets.

I seem to have kept this awful habit.

In this case, I'm talking about the XP system. I slapped down the original XP-for-gold numbers, added a few zeros to account for inflation, and moved on with the task at hand. This vague eye to detail generated a few issues. First, by second level you'd have 2 million dollars. That's enough to retire and be done. Secondly, it's also enough to buy everything in the book multiple times over, as spotted here:

Seems very excessive.

Now, I could adjust numbers and double check everything to make sure it all makes logical, numerical sense...or a could burn everything down, throw out XP-for-gold reasoning, and start over.

That seemed easier, so I went with that one.


The long and short of it is you get XP based on the type of job you perform. They come in four types: Minor, News Worthy, Headliner, and Media Frenzy.

Minor Jobs
This includes chasing off local drug dealers, retrieving stolen property, shaking down small businesses; you know, minor things. These are worth 100 XP.

News Worthy
This includes bringing down local gangs, disrupting a Yakuza job, break and entering zaibatsu remote sites. These are worth 250 XP.

These involve snatch and grabs from megacorp research labs and disrupting operations region wide. These are worth 500 XP.

Media Frenzy
Disrupting zaibatsu operations continent wide and the like fall in this category. They're worth a hefty 1000 XP.

Essentially, the more security you face, the higher the value.

XP in this instance is a measure of the Fame you're generating by your actions. Get an old woman's antique Yamaha 20XX YZF-R1M back from a local Chad Boy chapter? The local community notices. Get hired by the Yakuza to burn down a Zen Security armory? The National News is gonna report on it. Also, Zen Security are gonna be very interested. Which brings me to the next point.

The higher your Fame, the more people will be after you. You know the points in Fallout 3 and New Vegas where mercenary groups start randomly attacking you based on your karma? That. It's that.

Running the Numbers

I made a chart
As you can see, the higher your level gets, the less the minor jobs are going to affect your Fame. This seems good to me; it drives you to bigger and better things. Or, more violent things. The betterness is up to you.

The Pros and Cons

  • It sets apart the XP system from money. You'll still level up, but you won't need 2 Million dollars. 
  • Still allows the Face ability "Street Cred" to work as written. 
  • Want a faster play? Double the XP and shoot right through the levels. 
  • Allows for bonus XP on out of the ordinary jobs. Run into cyberEnforcer at the bodega your shaking down buying a 40? +10 XP to the job. 
  • I might have to reformat the XP section. 

I'm willing to make that sacrifice. For the game.


The Things I Spend My Time On

I should be studying and doing school work. I've made this instead.

Notable changes from previously published material

  • So many spelling errors.
  • Attribute bonuses are gone. No more to-hit and damage bonus from Strength. No more to-hit and Defense bonus from Dexterity.
  • Augmented is now a full class. A real boy at last.
  • Stun damage now only matters for Death and Dismemberment. “Losing a turn” is boring as shit.
  • Some templates were missing starting skills. Apparently I just stopped typing in places. This should mostly be fixed.
  • Grizzled Cop D got revamped.
  • Hacker got a face lift.
  • Inventory got adjusted to reflect lose of the Attribute bonuses.
  • Weapon damage got raised by a dice value across the board.
  • Implanted Harddrive is now HeadDrive. It's catchier and more marketable.
  • Forget drones existed. Added some additional features.
  • Programs got a renaming. The old names were flavorful, but perhaps esoteric. Sure I know what Charm12 is, but unless you’re a Norse nerd, you probably don’t know what it is off hand. I like what Luther at Archon’s Court did with his Tech programs. Tells you what it does up front.
  • Dreaming Real and Loa AI classes not included in this go around, as they work slightly different, and need a larger overhaul. There are 2 new abilities affected by this absence, but what’s on this blog should still suffice in a pinch.
  • Actually explained the differences between Contacts, Groupies, and Mercenaries.
And now to continue putting off studying.

1d21 Hangover table

Why 1d21? I don't know. Maybe you're using those weird Zocchi dice. Maybe you're using a tarot deck for your homebrew heartbreaker where the GM uses the Major Arcana to determine the outcome. Ho ho ho, what a strangely specific example.

Either way, sometimes you go carousing, and sometimes it goes wrong; or at least, not according to plan.

Hangover Table
Sure, you've got a hangover, but what else?

Anything in brackets [] refers to the top card of the discard pile. 
  1. You awaken with a salty and bitter taste in your mouth, and [value] new silver coins in your pocket. 
  2. You awaken in the stocks, having been left there to sober up. A little bruised, but no worse for wear. 
  3. A cow bell has been hung around your neck by a steel chain. The chain is too small to remove over your head, and you don't have the key to the lock. 
  4. You awaken with a marriage ring on your finger, but no memory of who you married. 
  5. You awaken in a strange room, with heavy pounding on the door. The people on the other side are very angrily demanding their money back. 
  6. You awaken with a marriage ring on a finger. The finger isn't yours. 
  7. Luckily, it only burns when you pass water. 
  8. You awaken with a new tattoo on your: [swords] arm; [pentacles] leg; [cups] backside; [wands] face. It is [1-2] pretty sweet; [3-8] cringe and misspelled; [9-King] horribly offensive.
  9. A letter is delivered to your room. It's from a local aristocrat and they have accepted your invitation to a duel. It is in [value] days. 
  10. You don't remember exactly what you did, but by the Wanted posters lining the streets, you can guess it wasn't good. [swords] armed robbery; [pentacles] attempted pick pocketing; [cups] lewd acts; [wands] consorting with dark entities 
  11. You back your way out of a blackout at the same time you're being dragged off a cart. "And stay out!" yell the guardsmen as they throw you out of the city. You are banned. 
  12. You awaken in the muck of the Moat, wearing only your small clothes. All the other items you had on you are missing as well. 
  13. You find in your pouch an invoice: "Sold: One (1) soul for one (1) beer." Your signature and an infernal symbol seal the contract. 
  14. You awaken to the sounds of sobbing. There seems to be a nobleman hogtied and gagged on your floor. How strange. 
  15. You awaken in an alley. [value] hobos around you seem to be wearing articles of your clothing/armor. But, you're wearing theirs, so, even trade? 
  16. Why are you naked and wearing a fake bull's head? Why are you in a fine porcelain plate shop? Why does this shop have nothing but broken plates and smashed glass? Why are the shop keeper and constables so angry and yelling? Some things in life are mysteries. 
  17. You back your way out of a blackout wrapped in warm snuggly robe standing in a candle lit room. It's nice. "The dark pact is complete," a deep baritone voice says, "Go forth, my brothers, and see that our lord's will be done." ...Wait, what?
  18. You awaken next to a [even] High Priest [odd] High Priestess. They thank you for helping them break their vows, and showing them what it means to be happy.
  19. Where the hells is your hand? Why can you feel it crawling?
  20. You remember agreeing to a dare. It had something to do with a candle and flatulence. [swords] a city location is burnt down [pentacles] 3 adjacent locations are burnt down [cups] a city district is burnt down [wands] As cups and fire spirit is roaming the City, and the Wizards are pissed. 
  21. Did you always have those circular puncture marks on your neck? I'm sure it'll be fiiiiiine. 


Ugh. I've been trying to put down some fluff for an implied setting for the CyberGLoG that I've had knocking around my head for a while now. However, trying to write about a world where the ecosystem has collapsed, the air is poison, violence is the day to day norm, and corporations fuck over the common man to squeeze just a little bit more profit from them is damn tiring when you live in a world where the ecosystem is about to collapse, the air is becoming increasingly poison, violence is on the rise, and corporations fuck over the common man in the name of just a little more profit. The world is literally on fire, we're unpersoning our neighbors, militarizing our police forces AND our schools, dumping toxic slug in the few clean waterways we have left. Corporate CEO's claim water isn't a human right while using slave labor. We've learned nothing from our past mistakes, and we're burning away our future, all in the name of temporary wealth. Dystopia stops being fun when you're literally seeing it on the horizon. We're starting to get proto-cybernetics for limb replacing, so that's cool, at least.

Repair, reuse, recycle, walk when you can, grow your own food when you can, join a union, look after each other, eat the rich.

Ugh. Fuck.

ANYWAY, due to this, instead of specifics, I'm dropping highlights and notes of the world and details on the major corporations. The original intent was one huge list, but if I wait for that to get finished to post, I'll never post again. Use 'em or not. I can't stop you.

The world, at general, is a dystopian 80's future where the economical and technological (American) nightmares of the time have come true. Japan has over taken America (or what's left of it) as an economical power house and super power. Technology is fetishized by the masses, yet few actually know how to work it. Corporations are calling the shots and have an invisible iron grip on day-to-day life. The Contras continue, now acting as a proxy war between Corporations and the USSR. Most people carry a weapon of some sort on their person in public. Violence is on the rise. Entertainment and opinion now call themselves news. Right wing libertarians infest every aspect of society, beating off to their perceived freedoms as fascism and corporatism sway their small minds, using them as both cheap disposable labor and money source. In short, it's a shit show.

For now, if you need something specific, might I suggest Augmented Reality by Paul Gallagher? It's well put together and is rather handy. The man does some fine work. 

And then there's these from Tearless Retina.

Also, the following subreddits have some good inspirational material: /r/Cyberpunk/r/ImaginaryCyberpunk/r/ImaginaryCybernetics/r/Cyberpunk_Room


We'll start with the most stereotypical. Ignore the filed off serial numbers and the scratched out "Property of W. Gibson."

Stereotypically, a giant megalopolis known as "MegaEast," runs along the eastern coast of what remains of the United States, bound by the Appalachians to the west. Megatowers, arcogoloies, and domes offering self sustaining cities-within-cities where the old population centers once stood. City built on city built on city. Away from the centers the city isn't built up, it's built out. Strip malls and chain stores The future America having collapsed back into it's colonial size and modernized. The Collapse killed the American dream, while Apathy and Corporatism has picked over the corpse.


The Sights

Brutalist architecture in the city centers, lined and highlighted with neon signs and advertisements.

So many advertisements in multiple languages. They'd block out the damn sun if they could. Almost every available surface is covered in advertisements, graffiti, or both.

Megatowers provide basic, over crowded storage housing for the working class. Arcologies guard the rich in complete, self sustained, air-conditioned luxury. Fuller domes, most completed (some left to rust half finished), mark nicer shopping districts with filtered air - or places that had hoped to be before money ran out.

Grey, still clouds hang constantly in the skies. Sunlight is but a vague glow diffused from above.

Zen Security agents in heavy militarized gear patrol the streets serving as privatized law enforcement.

Water quality announcements are made daily, assisted by a color code.

Megahighway over-passes, some built over entire neighborhoods of 20th century buildings.

The Sounds

City traffic is a constant thrum at all hours of the day. It's absence is noteworthy.

Gun fire is common nearly as common as traffic roar.

English and Spanish are common, with Japanese seeing an increase in usage. Especially in business areas.

Echoing babble of holographic advertisements.

The Smells

Rotting eggs herald the on-coming rains, that never fully seem to let up.

Ferment and rot hang thick in the air as the wind wafts in from the garbage encrusted Atlantic ocean.

Stale cigarette smoke and sweat cling to most things in the poor districts.

Sweet, chloroform or ether-like scent denotes the conditioned air of the upper class locations.

Piotr Krezelewski

The Tastes

Everything is so god damn sweet. Sugar and corn syrup has been added in increasing amounts to keep addicted customers coming back.

Sulfur lingers in the drinking water and what little sea food is left.

Lab grown beef is more cost effective than actual meat, as most farm land has been lost to the sprawl, however it's mostly reserved for the well-to-do. Rebecca Meat hasn't caught on here like it has in MegaWest.

Soy has made it's way into just about everything, from burgers to coffee to dried fish puffs, while Corn remains a popular base material for food like consumables.

Taco trucks were once the predominant food truck, but are slowly being replaced with noodle trucks. Meanwhile traditional Hotdog stands linger on, a keystone of the sprawl.

The Touches

Sweltering summers, springs, and falls, as the concrete environment further entraps the heat of the  dying planet.

Freezing winters as the climate crisis swings wildly through it's cycles.

Pain and discomfort await any who attempt to rest in public spaces, as aggressive architecture reminds you that you are neither welcomed nor valued.

Crushing humidity, it is a coastal region after all.

Greasy rain as the sky full of heavy elements, dust, and unknown chemicals spews down upon the urban sprawl.

The Corporations
Most "mom and pop" brick and mortar stores only open nowadays with the hope of being bought out by a corporate chain. Entries will be a not exhaustive list of mega corporations within the area, with notes about their public dealings and the shady dealings that're kept from view of the masses.

Medical and Agriculture research and development company.
Know For: Whole, wide array of health care products, medicines, and, strangely, agricultural pesticides.
Not Known For: One of their subsidiaries, an animal feed and veterinary branch, developed a disease to be released through their feed. The plan involved releasing a separate cure for an exorbitant price, possibly subscription. Well, the disease mutated, the cure didn't work, and now there aren't any more horses. Good job, assholes.

Global satellite corporation that provides communication services across the globe, from networking to GPS.
Known For: J-D4S "Priest" Electronic Eye Spy Satellite. Able to spot a field mouse from orbit, and rentable for mere hundreds of thousands of NeuvoYen per millisecond.
Not Know For: Rampant censoring of, copying, and adding subliminal messages to, the data that cross their network. Also, while their Priest satellite may be pointed at earth, it's twin, Heretic, is unregistered and pointed to the Hinterland station.

Lockheed Dynamics
Warfare and Defense contractor constant exploring new ways to murder kill provide personal defense in both the foreign battlefield and home.
Known For: Producing quality hardware for personal defense, and offense in certain circles.
Not Known For: Planting agent provocateurs in all sides of the Texas Troubles solely for the purpose of drumming up business. It worked like a god damn dream.

Commercial real estate company providing property in most remaining cities.
Known For: Leasing small, temporary office space to individual contractors or free lancers, as well as over seeing the digital debtors prisons to that sprung up once more.
Not Known For: The company hasn't turned a profit in sometime, but they've enough shell companies that they can keep money moving to make it look like they've enough. Also, they may have a breeder reactor ten floors below the streets of New York City. Allegedly.

Zen Securities
Called "Bilgewater" by MegaEast citizens, to rhyme with a former company name. Provides "security" services all over the world, for the right price. Also, in keeping with their founder's Christian beliefs, they train and hire out assassin squads.
Known For: Providing police services in MegaEast, since privatization after the Collapse.
Not Known For: Actually, most of the shit they pull is out in the open, just violence is accepted in this soul-crushed world, and without a stable government, not much can be done. Besides, what functioning governments there are probably have a contract or two with them for extra goon squads.