Doing It For The Fame


Stuck in your head yet? Excellent, let's proceed.

Every software company I've worked for has had to release a patch almost immediately after a product went live. Usually for something that seemed to work and wasn't given a second glance despite our gesturing at the bug tickets.

I seem to have kept this awful habit.

In this case, I'm talking about the XP system. I slapped down the original XP-for-gold numbers, added a few zeros to account for inflation, and moved on with the task at hand. This vague eye to detail generated a few issues. First, by second level you'd have 2 million dollars. That's enough to retire and be done. Secondly, it's also enough to buy everything in the book multiple times over, as spotted here:

Seems very excessive.

Now, I could adjust numbers and double check everything to make sure it all makes logical, numerical sense...or a could burn everything down, throw out XP-for-gold reasoning, and start over.

That seemed easier, so I went with that one.


The long and short of it is you get XP based on the type of job you perform. They come in four types: Minor, News Worthy, Headliner, and Media Frenzy.

Minor Jobs
This includes chasing off local drug dealers, retrieving stolen property, shaking down small businesses; you know, minor things. These are worth 100 XP.

News Worthy
This includes bringing down local gangs, disrupting a Yakuza job, break and entering zaibatsu remote sites. These are worth 250 XP.

These involve snatch and grabs from megacorp research labs and disrupting operations region wide. These are worth 500 XP.

Media Frenzy
Disrupting zaibatsu operations continent wide and the like fall in this category. They're worth a hefty 1000 XP.

Essentially, the more security you face, the higher the value.

XP in this instance is a measure of the Fame you're generating by your actions. Get an old woman's antique Yamaha 20XX YZF-R1M back from a local Chad Boy chapter? The local community notices. Get hired by the Yakuza to burn down a Zen Security armory? The National News is gonna report on it. Also, Zen Security are gonna be very interested. Which brings me to the next point.

The higher your Fame, the more people will be after you. You know the points in Fallout 3 and New Vegas where mercenary groups start randomly attacking you based on your karma? That. It's that.

Running the Numbers

I made a chart
As you can see, the higher your level gets, the less the minor jobs are going to affect your Fame. This seems good to me; it drives you to bigger and better things. Or, more violent things. The betterness is up to you.

The Pros and Cons

  • It sets apart the XP system from money. You'll still level up, but you won't need 2 Million dollars. 
  • Still allows the Face ability "Street Cred" to work as written. 
  • Want a faster play? Double the XP and shoot right through the levels. 
  • Allows for bonus XP on out of the ordinary jobs. Run into cyberEnforcer at the bodega your shaking down buying a 40? +10 XP to the job. 
  • I might have to reformat the XP section. 

I'm willing to make that sacrifice. For the game.


The Things I Spend My Time On

I should be studying and doing school work. I've made this instead.

Notable changes from previously published material

  • So many spelling errors.
  • Attribute bonuses are gone. No more to-hit and damage bonus from Strength. No more to-hit and Defense bonus from Dexterity.
  • Augmented is now a full class. A real boy at last.
  • Stun damage now only matters for Death and Dismemberment. “Losing a turn” is boring as shit.
  • Some templates were missing starting skills. Apparently I just stopped typing in places. This should mostly be fixed.
  • Grizzled Cop D got revamped.
  • Hacker got a face lift.
  • Inventory got adjusted to reflect lose of the Attribute bonuses.
  • Weapon damage got raised by a dice value across the board.
  • Implanted Harddrive is now HeadDrive. It's catchier and more marketable.
  • Forget drones existed. Added some additional features.
  • Programs got a renaming. The old names were flavorful, but perhaps esoteric. Sure I know what Charm12 is, but unless you’re a Norse nerd, you probably don’t know what it is off hand. I like what Luther at Archon’s Court did with his Tech programs. Tells you what it does up front.
  • Dreaming Real and Loa AI classes not included in this go around, as they work slightly different, and need a larger overhaul. There are 2 new abilities affected by this absence, but what’s on this blog should still suffice in a pinch.
  • Actually explained the differences between Contacts, Groupies, and Mercenaries.
And now to continue putting off studying.

1d21 Hangover table

Why 1d21? I don't know. Maybe you're using those weird Zocchi dice. Maybe you're using a tarot deck for your homebrew heartbreaker where the GM uses the Major Arcana to determine the outcome. Ho ho ho, what a strangely specific example.

Either way, sometimes you go carousing, and sometimes it goes wrong; or at least, not according to plan.

Hangover Table
Sure, you've got a hangover, but what else?

Anything in brackets [] refers to the top card of the discard pile. 
  1. You awaken with a salty and bitter taste in your mouth, and [value] new silver coins in your pocket. 
  2. You awaken in the stocks, having been left there to sober up. A little bruised, but no worse for wear. 
  3. A cow bell has been hung around your neck by a steel chain. The chain is too small to remove over your head, and you don't have the key to the lock. 
  4. You awaken with a marriage ring on your finger, but no memory of who you married. 
  5. You awaken in a strange room, with heavy pounding on the door. The people on the other side are very angrily demanding their money back. 
  6. You awaken with a marriage ring on a finger. The finger isn't yours. 
  7. Luckily, it only burns when you pass water. 
  8. You awaken with a new tattoo on your: [swords] arm; [pentacles] leg; [cups] backside; [wands] face. It is [1-2] pretty sweet; [3-8] cringe and misspelled; [9-King] horribly offensive.
  9. A letter is delivered to your room. It's from a local aristocrat and they have accepted your invitation to a duel. It is in [value] days. 
  10. You don't remember exactly what you did, but by the Wanted posters lining the streets, you can guess it wasn't good. [swords] armed robbery; [pentacles] attempted pick pocketing; [cups] lewd acts; [wands] consorting with dark entities 
  11. You back your way out of a blackout at the same time you're being dragged off a cart. "And stay out!" yell the guardsmen as they throw you out of the city. You are banned. 
  12. You awaken in the muck of the Moat, wearing only your small clothes. All the other items you had on you are missing as well. 
  13. You find in your pouch an invoice: "Sold: One (1) soul for one (1) beer." Your signature and an infernal symbol seal the contract. 
  14. You awaken to the sounds of sobbing. There seems to be a nobleman hogtied and gagged on your floor. How strange. 
  15. You awaken in an alley. [value] hobos around you seem to be wearing articles of your clothing/armor. But, you're wearing theirs, so, even trade? 
  16. Why are you naked and wearing a fake bull's head? Why are you in a fine porcelain plate shop? Why does this shop have nothing but broken plates and smashed glass? Why are the shop keeper and constables so angry and yelling? Some things in life are mysteries. 
  17. You back your way out of a blackout wrapped in warm snuggly robe standing in a candle lit room. It's nice. "The dark pact is complete," a deep baritone voice says, "Go forth, my brothers, and see that our lord's will be done." ...Wait, what?
  18. You awaken next to a [even] High Priest [odd] High Priestess. They thank you for helping them break their vows, and showing them what it means to be happy.
  19. Where the hells is your hand? Why can you feel it crawling?
  20. You remember agreeing to a dare. It had something to do with a candle and flatulence. [swords] a city location is burnt down [pentacles] 3 adjacent locations are burnt down [cups] a city district is burnt down [wands] As cups and fire spirit is roaming the City, and the Wizards are pissed. 
  21. Did you always have those circular puncture marks on your neck? I'm sure it'll be fiiiiiine. 


Ugh. I've been trying to put down some fluff for an implied setting for the CyberGLoG that I've had knocking around my head for a while now. However, trying to write about a world where the ecosystem has collapsed, the air is poison, violence is the day to day norm, and corporations fuck over the common man to squeeze just a little bit more profit from them is damn tiring when you live in a world where the ecosystem is about to collapse, the air is becoming increasingly poison, violence is on the rise, and corporations fuck over the common man in the name of just a little more profit. The world is literally on fire, we're unpersoning our neighbors, militarizing our police forces AND our schools, dumping toxic slug in the few clean waterways we have left. Corporate CEO's claim water isn't a human right while using slave labor. We've learned nothing from our past mistakes, and we're burning away our future, all in the name of temporary wealth. Dystopia stops being fun when you're literally seeing it on the horizon. We're starting to get proto-cybernetics for limb replacing, so that's cool, at least.

Repair, reuse, recycle, walk when you can, grow your own food when you can, join a union, look after each other, eat the rich.

Ugh. Fuck.

ANYWAY, due to this, instead of specifics, I'm dropping highlights and notes of the world and details on the major corporations. The original intent was one huge list, but if I wait for that to get finished to post, I'll never post again. Use 'em or not. I can't stop you.

The world, at general, is a dystopian 80's future where the economical and technological (American) nightmares of the time have come true. Japan has over taken America (or what's left of it) as an economical power house and super power. Technology is fetishized by the masses, yet few actually know how to work it. Corporations are calling the shots and have an invisible iron grip on day-to-day life. The Contras continue, now acting as a proxy war between Corporations and the USSR. Most people carry a weapon of some sort on their person in public. Violence is on the rise. Entertainment and opinion now call themselves news. Right wing libertarians infest every aspect of society, beating off to their perceived freedoms as fascism and corporatism sway their small minds, using them as both cheap disposable labor and money source. In short, it's a shit show.

For now, if you need something specific, might I suggest Augmented Reality by Paul Gallagher? It's well put together and is rather handy. The man does some fine work. 

And then there's these from Tearless Retina.

Also, the following subreddits have some good inspirational material: /r/Cyberpunk/r/ImaginaryCyberpunk/r/ImaginaryCybernetics/r/Cyberpunk_Room


We'll start with the most stereotypical. Ignore the filed off serial numbers and the scratched out "Property of W. Gibson."

Stereotypically, a giant megalopolis known as "MegaEast," runs along the eastern coast of what remains of the United States, bound by the Appalachians to the west. Megatowers, arcogoloies, and domes offering self sustaining cities-within-cities where the old population centers once stood. City built on city built on city. Away from the centers the city isn't built up, it's built out. Strip malls and chain stores The future America having collapsed back into it's colonial size and modernized. The Collapse killed the American dream, while Apathy and Corporatism has picked over the corpse.

The Sights

Brutalist architecture in the city centers, lined and highlighted with neon signs and advertisements.

So many advertisements in multiple languages. They'd block out the damn sun if they could. Almost every available surface is covered in advertisements, graffiti, or both.

Megatowers provide basic, over crowded storage housing for the working class. Arcologies guard the rich in complete, self sustained, air-conditioned luxury. Fuller domes, most completed (some left to rust half finished), mark nicer shopping districts with filtered air - or places that had hoped to be before money ran out.

Grey, still clouds hang constantly in the skies. Sunlight is but a vague glow diffused from above.

Zen Security agents in heavy militarized gear patrol the streets serving as privatized law enforcement.

Water quality announcements are made daily, assisted by a color code.

Megahighway over-passes, some built over entire neighborhoods of 20th century buildings.

The Sounds

City traffic is a constant thrum at all hours of the day. It's absence is noteworthy.

Gun fire is common nearly as common as traffic roar.

English and Spanish are common, with Japanese seeing an increase in usage. Especially in business areas.

Echoing babble of holographic advertisements.

The Smells

Rotting eggs herald the on-coming rains, that never fully seem to let up.

Ferment and rot hang thick in the air as the wind wafts in from the garbage encrusted Atlantic ocean.

Stale cigarette smoke and sweat cling to most things in the poor districts.

Sweet, chloroform or ether-like scent denotes the conditioned air of the upper class locations.

Piotr Krezelewski

The Tastes

Everything is so god damn sweet. Sugar and corn syrup has been added in increasing amounts to keep addicted customers coming back.

Sulfur lingers in the drinking water and what little sea food is left.

Lab grown beef is more cost effective than actual meat, as most farm land has been lost to the sprawl, however it's mostly reserved for the well-to-do. Rebecca Meat hasn't caught on here like it has in MegaWest.

Soy has made it's way into just about everything, from burgers to coffee to dried fish puffs, while Corn remains a popular base material for food like consumables.

Taco trucks were once the predominant food truck, but are slowly being replaced with noodle trucks. Meanwhile traditional Hotdog stands linger on, a keystone of the sprawl.

The Touches

Sweltering summers, springs, and falls, as the concrete environment further entraps the heat of the  dying planet.

Freezing winters as the climate crisis swings wildly through it's cycles.

Pain and discomfort await any who attempt to rest in public spaces, as aggressive architecture reminds you that you are neither welcomed nor valued.

Crushing humidity, it is a coastal region after all.

Greasy rain as the sky full of heavy elements, dust, and unknown chemicals spews down upon the urban sprawl.

The Corporations
Most "mom and pop" brick and mortar stores only open nowadays with the hope of being bought out by a corporate chain. Entries will be a not exhaustive list of mega corporations within the area, with notes about their public dealings and the shady dealings that're kept from view of the masses.

Medical and Agriculture research and development company.
Know For: Whole, wide array of health care products, medicines, and, strangely, agricultural pesticides.
Not Known For: One of their subsidiaries, an animal feed and veterinary branch, developed a disease to be released through their feed. The plan involved releasing a separate cure for an exorbitant price, possibly subscription. Well, the disease mutated, the cure didn't work, and now there aren't any more horses. Good job, assholes.

Global satellite corporation that provides communication services across the globe, from networking to GPS.
Known For: J-D4S "Priest" Electronic Eye Spy Satellite. Able to spot a field mouse from orbit, and rentable for mere hundreds of thousands of NeuvoYen per millisecond.
Not Know For: Rampant censoring of, copying, and adding subliminal messages to, the data that cross their network. Also, while their Priest satellite may be pointed at earth, it's twin, Heretic, is unregistered and pointed to the Hinterland station.

Lockheed Dynamics
Warfare and Defense contractor constant exploring new ways to murder kill provide personal defense in both the foreign battlefield and home.
Known For: Producing quality hardware for personal defense, and offense in certain circles.
Not Known For: Planting agent provocateurs in all sides of the Texas Troubles solely for the purpose of drumming up business. It worked like a god damn dream.

Commercial real estate company providing property in most remaining cities.
Known For: Leasing small, temporary office space to individual contractors or free lancers, as well as over seeing the digital debtors prisons to that sprung up once more.
Not Known For: The company hasn't turned a profit in sometime, but they've enough shell companies that they can keep money moving to make it look like they've enough. Also, they may have a breeder reactor ten floors below the streets of New York City. Allegedly.

Zen Securities
Called "Bilgewater" by MegaEast citizens, to rhyme with a former company name. Provides "security" services all over the world, for the right price. Also, in keeping with their founder's Christian beliefs, they train and hire out assassin squads.
Known For: Providing police services in MegaEast, since privatization after the Collapse.
Not Known For: Actually, most of the shit they pull is out in the open, just violence is accepted in this soul-crushed world, and without a stable government, not much can be done. Besides, what functioning governments there are probably have a contract or two with them for extra goon squads.

Shivering Eddy and his Sick Dog

(Based on real events)

Shivering Eddy gets his name from his huge drug problem, one that'll kill him in a low number of years. He's an unremarkable fellow, about 5'7", dirty clothes and a dirtier smile. A known boozer and smutmonger, the lights went out of his eyes years ago. He can be found, usually, in an alley way down by the docks trying to acquire scratch for his next fix.

But we're not here to talk about Eddy's troubles or the event that ended his successful mayorship and drove him to this life.

We're here to talk about his dog: Barphie

You see, Barphie is Eddy's only friend. A medium sized, feral looking mutt with wild eyes and a patchy coat, he's got a habit of eating just about anything, while lacking the ability to digest most of it. Eddy, being Eddy, has found a way of profiting off his dog's condition. He jokingly calls it pukeomancy, buts it's actually sortilege by way of canomancy. Not that he knows this. Or cares. For a modest fee, or a serving of beer, he'll read old Barphie's productions and give you a fortune. And people do pay him, mostly out of morbid curiosity, sometimes out of concern for the dog.

Surprise to no one, Eddy is full of shit.

Barphie, however, has never been wrong.

It may be a while since I've seen a dog. Or a horse hoof.

What ya got today, Barphie?
  1. An old ring, still worn on a finger - Fortune. Within the next 24 hours a minor sum of money (1d10 standard currency) will be found.
  2. Rat - Good Health. Any alcoholic drink consumed within the next 12 hours will restore one HP.
  3. A Two and a Half Foot Length of Chain - Imprisonment. You'll be wrongly accused of a crime within the next 24 hours.
  4. Horse Hoof - Luck. If the shoe is still on it (2-in-6 chance) you'll have good luck and will be able to adjust one single roll by 2 point. (Use by end of session) Else wise, you've back luck, and the GM is required to adjust a roll by 2 point against you.
  5. A Living, Unharmed, but Very Confused Bat - Love. The next reaction roll in response to you will be improved by one.
  6. Snake Skins. Yes, Plural - Paranoia. Your greatest enemy knows exactly where you are.
  7. An Old Book - Forgotten Knowledge. A secret will come to you within 24 hours. OR whenever the GM gets time.
  8. Key Ring - Insecurity. One of these keys will open the next lock you encounter. Not sure which one, but there sure are a lot of them. Takes twice as long as lock picking to try them all.
  9. A Child's Doll - Children. You will be kidnapped by an orphan gang next time you sleep.
  10. Teeth. A Lot of Them. They're Not His - Troubled Times Ahead. Chance of random encounters are increased by one tier for the next 12 hours.
  11. Clam Shells - Mysterious bounty. Give the next panhandler 100 money units, and they'll give you a most peculiar item in return. Maybe it's useful. Maybe it can be further traded.
  12. Prosthetic Leg - Hobbled. Your movement speed is reduced by half for the next 24 hours.
  13. Moths, Still Fluttering - Deception. Someone you're working with isn't who they say they are, and are likely to betray you.
  14. A Bag of Drugs - Breath. Saves against Gas attacks are made at a +2 bonus for 24 hours.
  15. Kepi - Vigilance. The next time the PC tries to do something shady, an officer of the law will appear to catch them in the act and question their actions.
  16. Flashlight or Torch Head (Still Smoldering) - Light. For the next 12 hours lights are twice as resilient against guttering checks.
  17. An Uncomfortable Amount of Seaweed - Grim Revelation. Your greatest secret will become known, and possibly soon, should you not take steps to further hide it.
  18. An Upper Class Lady's Carry, Hand Still Clutching - Sturdy. All equipment on your person has a temporary additional condition box for 24 hours.
  19. Fake Eye - Stealth. Your next attempt at an Ambush will be successful, if within 12 hours.
  20. A Still Lit and Very Active Explosive - Panic. You're next few rounds (1d4) are going to be violently busy.


Gunslinger and Preacher

Since I can't stay focused on one thing for any amount of time, here's more Weird West:


Starting Gear: Revolver (d6), Bandoleer, pack of chew
Starting Skills (1d3): 1 - Bounty Hunting, 2 - Law, 3 - Firearms

Gain +1 HP for every Gunslinger template you take

A. Notches
B. Fan the Hammer, attack +1
C. Call Out
D. Dead Eye, attack +1

Each time you attain a total of 10, 20, 30, and 50 kills with a weapon, you unlock a new ability with that weapon, chosen from the below. Note this defers from the Fighter's Notches in that it applies to a single weapon.
    * +1 Damage
    * Expanded Critical Range
    * Special Ability (talk to your GM)

Fan the Hammer
Once per session you can make a number of attacks in a single round equal to your templates

Call Out
This ability only works on creatures that can be offended and can understand you. If you challenge a creature outside of combat, they must make a Save Vs Charm to resist accepting your offer of a duel. Should they accept, conditions for time and place will be worked out, however weapons will be revolvers and the win condition will be not getting shot. Typically.

In combat, you can challenge one creature each turn by yelling at it (free action). They'll then Save vs Charm, attacking you if they fail.

<Sidebar: Duel Rules>
Both sides roll 1d20. Lowest roll wins, as this is a roll under system; loser instant drops to 0 HP with 1d6 lethal damage. If losing side is off by 10+, they instantly die. A tie between 1-10 means both parties have lost. I tie between 11-20 means both parties have missed, and the Duel is technically over. Whether the shooting is, is another matter. Gunslingers are able to spend a point of Conviction before the roll to adjust their's by 2.
</Duel Rules>

Dead Eye
Once per session, outside of a duel, you can fire a single shot and declare it to have hit, as if you rolled a one.

Note: The thought here is for a low magic setting, where such things are super rare and sinful. For something with a little more "oomph," might I suggest Chris Wilson's Convoker?

Starting Equipment: Bible, Bottle of Whiskey, Cassock
Starting Skills (1d3): 1 - Religion, 2 - Occult, 3 - Language

Gain + 1 Save vs Fear for every template taken.

A.  Fear No Evil, Calling the Flock
B.  The Power of Prayer
C.  Walk Through the Valley
D.  Miracle Worker

Fear No Evil
You speak the Good Word, and you believe it fully. This faith shields you from the wicked workings of witches. Their chances of working magic are reduced by 5% per template when turned against you

Calling the Flock
Charisma counts template higher for civilized reactions and Hench hiring

The Power of Prayer
Magic is sinful, praying ain't. You pray harder than most and it's more effective than usual. Roll 2D6 - times you used this today, then consort the list below:

10+ Works as Intended
7-9 Prayer is spoken, but choose one:
  • The Devil hates a show off. You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot. The GM will tell you how.
  • The man Jesus had days like these; of trial and doubt -- take -1 ongoing to cast a prayer until the next time you take communion.
  • The Lord helps those who help themselves, and this is your time to help yourself. You cannot cast the prayer again until you commune and have it granted to you.
<6 - The Lord works in mysterious ways, and this action is not within His plans.

  • Healing - Restore 1d4 health to target
  • Sanctify - Walking the circle of a campfire and reciting scripture, you force the unholy to make a Save in order to approach into the light
  • Revelation - In reflection and prayer, an insight is provided to the current situation
  • Blessing - Target's AC against unholy is 2 higher. Lasts a day. 
  • Anoint Weapon - A weapon you anoint in oil does an additional 1d4. Lasts until a 4 is rolled on this dice. 

Walk Through the Valley
By holding your bible aloft and reciting the Lord's Prayer, you force the Unholy to Save vs Holy. Those that fail retreat to a (Template) x 5ft radius around you as long as you only hold the bible high and pray aloud. Walking is okay too, though running is out.

Miracle Worker
Once, and ONLY once, you can work with the GM in order to perform a miracle.

Other Classes
Witch: Skerples' Witch, but Western themed.
The Gang: Skerples' Crew, but also Western themed.
Banker: Skerples' Pirate Financier, but, you know, Western themed.
Orphanarium Operator: Arnold's Rat Master, but with orphans


Eldritch Plains Drifter

Don't judge my inability to take a screenshot without hitting ALL the buttons

"Hey, you seen this funny picture about cowboys being wizards with wands casting the bullet spell?"

"Dang it, boy. Lemme finish this cyberpunk setting before I get distracted by a weird west setting."



I am bound by cruel and ancient pacts to make this:

Eldritch Plains Drifter

Starting Gear: Revolver, Pack of Cigarillos, Poncho
Starting Skill (1d3): 1 - Survival, 2 - Cattleman, 3 - Occult

A.  Hex'n, Summon Horse
B.  +1 Hex'n
C.  Good Smoke, +1 Hex'n
D.  Hunter, +1 Hex'n

You're one of the rare few who've learned a certain...tricks. It ain't witchery, exactly; that'd be a sin. Rather you're focusing your will for sustained, minor effects over reality in a somewhat arcane manner. I said it ain't witching! Ah, spit, whatever you want to call it, you can do a few 'em. While each one has a refresh time, you've hex "slots" equal to your number of Drifter templates, representing how many you can sustain at a time. See below for a list of Hexes. You get one per level, but they're also learnable in world, should you meet someone with the know'n.

Summon Horse
Every cowboy needs to dependable partner on their side, and there ain't no one more dependable than their horse. With a loud whistle you're able to summon your faithful companion, no matter where you left them last.

Good Smoke
Some men take to whiskey for their healing, you've taken to smoking. While smoking a cigarillo, or really any tobacco, you restore an additional 1d4. Takes about 30 minutes.

Pick a type of creature (undead, demons, witches, lycanthrope, etc; preferably ones that done you wrong in some way). You're now a dang nuisance to 'em. You do +2 damage to them, and have a 4-in-6 chance to detect them near, just by being close.

Listed here ain't the entirety, but they should offer you a good start. Anything with a casting time over 30 minutes is probably better done during downtime, but you do what ya gotta.

Bandito Bandanna
Time to Cast: 20 minutes
Through a minor ritual of adjusting your bandanna over your mouth, and changing your hat, and taking the mind frame of someone else, you can completely conceal your identity for a scene. Hex slot is filled for the rest of the day.

Dirty Dealing
Time to Cast: Instant
Through tricky finger work and shuffling, you're able to deal out cards to Template people in a manner you see fit (including yourself). Slot is taken for the rest of the day.

Time to Cast: 30 minutes
Water is a scarcity out here, and a good dowsing is a blessing. Given a y-shaped willow branch and some concentration you're able to find underground water. This hex'n can be adapted to locate other things (buried metals, oil, gravesights, etc) but it ain't a sure thing, about a 2-in-6 chance. Takes up a slot for the rest of the day.

Hand of Glory
Time to Cast: 6 hours
By rendering the fat of a hanged man into wax, and further a candle, you produce an item (a candle) which, when lit, will only show light for the holder. The holder will also be able to see ghosts with it, but they'll also be able to see the candle light, even when not lit. And, boy, do they ever hate it. Hex slot is taken up for as long as the candle exists in a usable fashion. Still subject to standard candle guttering rules.

Horse Brass
Time to Cast: 30 minutes
You take to polishing the ornament on your saddle, imbuing it with your will as you do. Reduces Witches' spells chances of working against the horse or rider by 10%. Stackable, but each usage requires a different ornament. Hex slot is in use until the effect is dismissed.

Imbue Pistol
Time to Cast: 1 hour
Perform a ritual to bless the shots in the revolver with power associated with time performed. Lasts until shots are removed from gun.
  • High Noon - Bullets burn vampires like sunlight
  • Midnight - Act like silver for werewolves
  • Dusk - All hits count as headshots against zombies
  • Dawn - Shots count as holy against them of demonic persuasion (Demons, witches, etc)
Hex slot is in use until the shots have been fully removed from the gun.

Reading the Signs
Time to Cast: Quite a while. Only usable in down time.
Effect: Stolen from here. Only the dead know true prophecy, but you've reckoned a way to glean a bit of their knowin'. Choose a method from the ways below, and gain a new one through rolling each time you take a template.

1. Abacomancy - Divination through dust or sand. If there's one damn thing we got out here, it's sand. Not just any sand'll do you, though. It'll need to be from an auspicious location: grave dirt, ashes of a burnt church, et cetera and so forth. Like I said, though, there's plenty of sand and dust out here. Use this too often and you'll start seeing signs in everything.
2. Asterimancy - Divination through stars. There's a big damn sky out here at night, just plum full of stars. And I reckon they seen their fair share of sights. Give 'em a read and they might take to offering what they've seen. Gander at them too long though, and something is likely to gander back.
3. Augury - Divination through the flight of birds. Circling buzzards foretell death; that's an easy one. Other birds got knownings to share, all's ya got to do is watch 'em. I wouldn't trust them dang owls, though.
4. Necromancy - Divination through dead. Sometimes you gotta go to the source itself. The dead ain't keen on giving up their secrets readily, though, so you'll have to be sweet on 'em. Find their skull, place 'em in a dark room, and offer up good whiskey and smoking tobacco. Sometimes they'll need the Good Word to coax 'em into talking. When they do, you'll get all of three questions answered out of them, before they return to their Reward.
5. Pyromancy - Divination through patterns in flames. Strike up a campfire, feed it right, and give it a watch. In time it'l give you it's mysteries. Old prairie coal ain't gonna suffice, though. It'll need old bones, or wood from a tree licked by lightning.
6. Tasseomancy - Divination through patterns in tea leaves or coffee grounds. Brew it up, serve it, leaving plenty enough for the grounds to settle in the cup. The stronger, the better. They say reading your own coffin varnish is bad luck, but what other dang fool you got to do it?

Take a single d6 and roll it when you go to perform your mancy. Add a +1 to your roll if you meet any of the following conditions:
  • You ain't in no rush or under duress.
  • You're unharmed and under no curses, supernatural effects, or other sort of witcher'n.
  • You've the appropriate tools needed for the divination. 
  • You've taken steps to "mystically attune" your mind. (He means peyote)

The following chart shows how exact of an answer should be given by the Referee.
1-2: Vague answers, cryptic, lots of symbols, nothing direct.
3-4: An answer requiring less interpretation, some explanation, familiar things and obvious clues.
5-6: Clear answer, obvious people or creatures, no real trickery, still somewhat encoded.
7+: Exact answer, no room for interpretation.

Every time you perform your divination, the maximum X-in-6 chance you have goes down. On your second try, any roll of 6 becomes 5. On your third try, any roll of 6 or 5 becomes 4, etc. Each reading takes a hex slot that don't refresh until the next down time. The maximum also resets at this time.

It's amazing what you can learn by enjoying a pot of black coffee brewed over a campfire in the grave yard at night.

Shoes of Greased Lightning
Time to Cast: 2 hours
In shoeing your horse with shoes engraved with scripture, you're able to double the speed of your horse, to no ill effect of the beast. Effect waits until activated by a trigger word, then lasts until the sun next crosses the horizon. Hex slot is taken up until the effects end.

Tracking Bullet
Time to Cast: 1 hour
You imbue a bullet with your will and, in doing so, you know exactly which direction this bullet is at all times; or until the sun crosses the horizon after it's been fired. It takes but a moment of concentration to conjure this information. Slot's in use until the bullet has been fired.