Collection of Human Houses

Collection of Human Houses for an untitled setting. Also Josh may have used these for something. These were made instead of the work I was being paid for. Because they were funner.

House Monroe
Banner: Gold ground squirrel on green field
Motto: "Eat the weak"
Concept: Royal cannibals. Each cell in their dungeon has a metal floor, with a hidden oven underneath, accessible from behind (in the kitchen). They claim to have "reformed", but the ovens still hold ash and when the moon is full and the wind is right, you can smell the roasting of strange meat on the night air.

House Waveborn
Banner: Brown dead tree back by a white wave on a field of blue
Motto: "From the sea, to the sea"

Concept: An ancient house founded in the area where man (the histories tell) first set foot in this land. Over the centuries the land has flooded and eroded, leaving Venice-like island towns and dead flooded forests. Food is grown hydroponically and cow herds have been replaced by manatees.

House Heartbane
Banner: Black dragon impaled upon a gold spear.
Motto: "So always, for Tyrants"
Concept: The house still remembers when humans were ruled as slaves by dragons. They can, with the documents to back it, trace their lineage to the man who first took up arms against the dragons.  Heartbane (the sword the family is named after) was used to kill the first dragon, and it's edges never dull. 

House Leanly
Banner: Silver hatchets crossed on blood red field
Motto: "The pain of life"
Jams: This house is actually matriarchal, and has been for centuries, after a queen grew tired of her abusive King. She slew him with dual axes, and declared herself ruler. The motto refers to both child birth and the painful training the warriors (all women) go through. Each carries at least two hand axes on her at all times.

House Penn
Banner: Blue mountain on a brown field
Motto: "For our sins"
Jams: The frozen north was originally settled by exiles after the Betrayal. Expected to die slowly of exposure, the exiles instead found comfort in mountain caves. Over the centuries, entire cities have formed under ground or in mountain caves, safe from the freezing, flesh tearing winds above. The house holds no standing army as the land nor the people are wanted.