That title'll keep people away. Anyway, in speaking of bad ideas and unfinished articles, another post that went unfinished was detailing the lost attribute "Credit Score" and the Life Style system that went along with it. Basically the idea was to abstract the money system in a way similar to the way Exalted handled it. Also there was some sort of twitter discourse going on at the time...I think about professional GMs, maybe? I don't know, but the tone was meant to be shitty about that. Whatever it was. 

Also to point out that starting with wealth is the most likely way to have wealth, credit scores are used to keep poor folk poor, the system is rigged from the start, and anyone thinking other wise should probably be eaten. 

System name references have been updated. 

Life Styles

Welcome! Thank you for showing interest in Some Weird Sin Life Style packages and options. We provide multiple options in various price ranges, allowing for a customized experience we're sure will meet your personalized needs! 

Membership prices are paid directly to the General Manager (GM) using real money. 

1. Public Membership (Free) - As a member of the general public you get Free access to the Street lifestyle. At this level you receive 0 rubles per session and have a Credit Score of null. You have no in-character home and may only select Starting Gear from the Street lifestyle equipment packages.

2. Bronze Membership ($10) - As a Bronze member, you gain access to the Low lifestyle. At this level you'll receive 200 rubles per session, have a Credit Score of 300, start with a Capsule living space, and be able to select from the Low lifestyle equipment packages or below for your Starting Gear. 

3. Silver Membership ($20) - By becoming a Silver Member, you're guaranteed access to the Middle lifestyle. You'll received 350 rubles per session, have a Credit Score of 580, start with a Small Apartment, and be able to select from the Middle lifestyle equipment packages or below.  

4. Gold Membership ($40) - At the Gold level, you'll have access to the Upper lifestyle. Here you'll receive 500 rubles per session, have a Credit Score of 670, start with a Medium Apartment, and have access to the Upper lifestyle equipment packages or below. 

5. Platinum Membership ($80) - By purchasing the Platinum membership, you'll announce to the world that you live the Petite Bourgeois lifestyle. Here you'll receive 1000 rubles per session, have a Credit Score of 800, start with a Town Home and Personal Vehicle, and have access to the PB lifestyle equipment packages. Go on, treat yourself! 

6. Corporate CEO Membership ($160) - By choosing to become a member of the elite CEO level, you will be entering an exclusive club and will experience the all the finer options of the game: 
  • 2000 rubles per session to live out your wildest dreams
  • Credit Check rolls with be a thing of the past with Unlimited Credit
  • You'll start with an entire corporation of people at your command
  • Yacht, cars, helicopters - all yours! And the facilities to house them. 
  • Speaking of housing: Choose between a palatial estate away from the city OR an orbital paradise of your very own! 
  • Not only will you have access to all Starting Gear lists, but you'll also receive a custom piece of equipment meeting your specifications.
  • For a mere additional $50, the GM will get YOU one beer per session. 
So why not join the Corporate CEO Membership today? After all, you've earned it!  

Note from Editor: The only thing you've earned is a place against the wall, you corrupt failson. 

Credit Score

The bad ideas continue! In this incarnation, the Credit Score is essentially a stat that was used to abstract the money system, sort of like the way Exalted 2E did. Can't speak for the other versions. 

Essentially, day to day purchases using non-Ruble based currency (US Crypto-dollar; Japan's NuevoYen; all the distributed ledger ones) would be ignored and any major purposes would require a Credit Score check. Basically rolling a 1d1000 and rolling under your Credit Score. Success means you get the funding for the thing. Failure means you don't. However, unlike most stats, performing a Credit Score check lowers your Credit Score check (after the roll is resolved).  Each time you make the roll, remove 10 points. 

To regain the points, you simply have to pay 5% of the original loan amount per in-game month. After 50% of the loan has been repaid, you'll raise your score by 10 points for every additional 10% you pay off. If you miss a payment, you lose another 10 points. 

Why not in Rubles?
Because the people using illegal, and untraceable paper currency are not the kind to care about your ability to repay the loan, just that you will, or they're scrap you for parts in order to repay the difference. 

"That's a dumb system."
Yeah, it is. Why the fuck do we still use it?

But game wise, I feel like there's something here. It'll need to be polished and tinkered with, but something. I won't be using it at the moment, but something.