The Things I Spend My Time On

I should be studying and doing school work. I've made this instead.

Notable changes from previously published material

  • So many spelling errors.
  • Attribute bonuses are gone. No more to-hit and damage bonus from Strength. No more to-hit and Defense bonus from Dexterity.
  • Augmented is now a full class. A real boy at last.
  • Stun damage now only matters for Death and Dismemberment. “Losing a turn” is boring as shit.
  • Some templates were missing starting skills. Apparently I just stopped typing in places. This should mostly be fixed.
  • Grizzled Cop D got revamped.
  • Hacker got a face lift.
  • Inventory got adjusted to reflect lose of the Attribute bonuses.
  • Weapon damage got raised by a dice value across the board.
  • Implanted Harddrive is now HeadDrive. It's catchier and more marketable.
  • Forget drones existed. Added some additional features.
  • Programs got a renaming. The old names were flavorful, but perhaps esoteric. Sure I know what Charm12 is, but unless you’re a Norse nerd, you probably don’t know what it is off hand. I like what Luther at Archon’s Court did with his Tech programs. Tells you what it does up front.
  • Dreaming Real and Loa AI classes not included in this go around, as they work slightly different, and need a larger overhaul. There are 2 new abilities affected by this absence, but what’s on this blog should still suffice in a pinch.
  • Actually explained the differences between Contacts, Groupies, and Mercenaries.
And now to continue putting off studying.


  1. Under "Grizzled Cop", the ABCD list shows "Do You Feel Lucky, Punk", but the full list has "Home Field Advantage". One or the other needs editing...

    1. Bleh. That was the last edit before posting it, and it looks like I only half did it. "Home-Field Advantage" was the correct one. Thanks for the point out! Fixed.

  2. Very cool. However, XP may need some attention. To advance to second level, your character needs to pocket $2 million. That’s about enough to buy every augment and every piece of equipment in the book. Seems excessive?

    1. Mercy, that is excessive. Looks like zeros got away from me at some point. I'll fiddle with the numbers, see if I can draw out something more reasonable. The thought on Augment pricing is the minor ones should be about the price of a car, the bigger ones about the price of a house.