Some Weird Sin


After months of playtesting, and a short campaign that got...weird, it's finally here: The update no one asked for. 

Some Weird Sin

(CyberGLoG Mk 2) 

Download it here

Notable Changes Include:

  • A useless guide for new players
  • New Class: Investigator and People's Champion 
  • Dreaming Real is now an Augment instead of a template.
  • Grizzled Cop has been cut 
  • System has switched from simple Weapons and Armor to Gear Porn. (I'm certain the players hate me) 
  • Whole mess of Augments have been added. 
  • Hacker has been named "Console Jockey", Programs have been renamed "Warez", and additional information has been given for both. 
  • Hacking system!
  • Programming system! 
  • Whole mess of Warez added. 
  • Drug system got filled out. 

My Favorite Part

An SRD has also been created. This'll allow me to get my grubby little hands on it whenever I need it, without worrying about which of my devices has the document on it. It also allows me to add information in a quicker fashion than updating a PDF for release. Also a search function. Nice. 

New material will still get posted here, but then will eventually get integrated into the SRD as time allows. GoblinBright, Bastards & Bystanders, Thunderbirds and Energy Weapons - all will go straight to the SRD, with PDF generation whenever. 


Skrew Korps

What do you get when you jam the Military Industrial complex together with mindless Hollywood entertainment and force feed it to a culture that fetishizes technology, and is so degenerate and jaded to violence they actually see it as a form of entertainment?

 Skrew Korps! *

Follow the war crimes thrilling adventures of psychopaths bold heroes as they invade countries for oil protect freedom around the world! Having insanely agreed to remove their brains from their healthy bodies been severely injured in combat by cowardly enemy forces and installed into life saving devices, the Skrew Korps travel the world overthrowing democratically elected governments at the behest of corporations righting wrongs and saving the day! Watch every Thursday at 9:30, after Family Pharmaceutical Challenge, only on CIA-TV!

Alright, what the damn hell did I just write?

Skrew Korps! is that horror produced when military field operations meet live documentary. Think "Parks and Rec," but with war criminals (besides Chris Pratt) and real. Named after an old comic book, the team is formed of four special operatives, along with their robotic mascot, who are effectively brains in jars, each one capable of interfacing with special machines and robotic bodies to assist in field operations. 

New Augment: Brain Case
(might also be called "Brain Box" depending on how my attention waxes and wanes) 
The user's brain is encased in a protective case, much like the recorder in an aircraft. Should the user's body - organic or mechanical - be killed or destroyed, the case is ejected to a safe distance and a beacon activated, allowing for retrieval. This is usually messy in organic bodies. 

The Team

Sergeant Daniel "Big Boy" Smith 
Demolitions and Artillery  
Brain Case: Titanium black-box, capable of surviving heavy explosions. 
Favored Weapon: Tactical nukes
Major "Story Arc": There was a "miscommunication" about a civilian hospital during season 3. Radioactive cleanup should be completed within the next few years. 

❤️ 6 (d8) ⛊ 6 ⊳⊳ 10 ✔️11 πŸŽ“ 7
πŸ’€ 14 (reckless, over confident)
⚔️ 6 Tactical_Nuke (hr, 2d8, 20, Radiation)

Captain Rebecca "Hive Mind" Monroe 
Drone Master
Brain Case: A dedicated drone 
Favored Weapon: Drones
Major "Story Arc": Having a consciousness scattered across so many drones has fractured her mentally, somewhat, and additional personalities have surfaced. None of them good. 

❤️ 6 (d8) ⛊ 4 ⊳⊳ 14 ✔️11 πŸŽ“ 12
πŸ’€ 12 (insane) ⚔️ 6 Mounted_Guns (mr, 1d8, 8)
§Distributed Body: Each hit die is a separate body
§Centralized Network: Destroying the Brain Drone shuts down remaining drones

Lieutenant Templeton "Face" Fleck
Master of Disguise 
Brain Case: Realistic looking human head with switchable faces
Favored Weapon: Words
Major "Story Arc": It's been rumored Lieutenant Fleck has been moonlighting as various high level government officials. However, as long as he doesn't impersonate corporate higher-ups, the producers of the show have no real issue with this.

❤️ 6 (d8) ⛊ 0 ⊳⊳ 12 ✔️14 πŸŽ“ 10
πŸ’€ 8 (hates fair fights) ⚔️ 6 Silenced_Pistol (lr, 1d6, 8, Silenced)
§Chameleon: Given 5 minutes to adjust, he can take on the appearance of anyone he's seen before

Colonel Bill "Tacticus" Smith
Leader and Brains of the Operation
Brain Case: A human head shape with spider-legs, trailing apposable wires with various connectors for interfacing, the brain inside soaked in NeuralChem and stimulants. 
Favored Weapon: Smarts
Major "Story Arc": While not controversial, his part in what was later revealed to be an ARG (alternate reality game) by the show's producers and lawyers was reviewed as "confusing" and "uninspired" as several unrelated forum posts read simply "PLEASE LET ME DIE" over and over until character limits were reached. 

❤️ 6 (d8) ⛊ 0 ⊳⊳ 12 ✔️10 πŸŽ“ 18
πŸ’€ 19 (Wants to die) ⚔️ 6
§Natural Hacker: Should he attempt to hack something, he will succeed.
§Override: Should he be able to connect to a device, he will be able to take it over.

Animal Mascot of the Team
Brain Case: N/A, Mausu is an AI inside of a robotic body
Favored Weapon: Knives. Those poor coeds. 
Major "Story Arc": It was revealed in Season 6 that Mausu was the money launderer for several terrorist organizations, however after an awkward hanging of the lantern, the plot point was just sort of dropped. 

❤️ 4 (d8) ⛊ 4 ⊳⊳ 14 ✔️12 πŸŽ“ 10
πŸ’€ 12 (mind backed up) ⚔️ 6 Knife (lm, 1d6, 20/0, Throwable)
§Backed up: Regularly backs up their mind and personality to an external storage.

*Certainly spelt with a 'K' due to market research and not a typo that went unnoticed due to lowered military education standards