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Adventure Scouts!


I've had a little setting/system I've been referring to as Adventure Scouts! knocking around in my head for a bit. As I've been yelled at for not posting, I figured I might as well put down actual notes and see if this becomes anything. I've a few other entrees in editing hell at the moment, but this seems to have jumped the queue for some reason or another. 

The basic premise is the PCs play teens, some where between 14 to 17, doing outdoor activities and learning life skills, as one would do in real life scouting programs, like the Boy Scouts. Just like those scouting programs, the characters set out into the world on light-hearted, daring adventures of exploration and discovery. Through various motorcycle related head injuries, I only have vague memories of this time in my life, so I'm going to assume my experiences were somewhat like this. 

Why light-hearted? Because I need a break from the grimness of cyberpunk for a minute. 

Players start off at rank Scout and through the collection of Merit Badges, climb through the ranks to Raven Scout, gaining abilities as they go. 

Core System

This part really doesn't matter. Or, rather, it can be swapped out for any other resolution system you prefer. I'll probably eventually use Tunnel Goons, because it's light and quick, but with some minor adjustments there's no reason other OSR-like (the hell does this even mean anymore?) systems couldn't work. GLoG v1? Easy. GLoG v2? I mean, maybe, I ain't looked at it too hard. Polymorph? Yep. 

Anyway, the advancement system you're using, and any sort of classes, are gone. Using kills to gain XP? Murder is against Scout code (probably). Using Gold as XP? Who needs gold when you can get those sweet, sweet Merit Badges?


Advancement is done through the earning of Merit Badges, with each rank requiring a certain number of badges. To earn a merit badge, you must go out into the world and successfully perform actions related to the badge. In turn, the badges provide certain benefits. An ever increasing list of merit badges, how to earn them, and their benefits is provided here. 

The long and short of it is: You do a thing enough times, you get better at doing the thing. But, also, sometimes weirdness. Some badges you'll naturally gain as a group, others you'll pick up on your own. Kind of like actual scouting. As such, badges naturally gained as a group (like Hiking) offer less benefit than those gained individually (like Hexcraft). 

Mind you, other scouts (NPCs) will probably find your actions entirely strange, as they usually just do reports for their badges. You, however, are an Adventure Scout! You go above and beyond. 

To officially receive the badges, and access to the benefits, you must return to the city after completing the requirements and spend a City action there. 

After a certain number of badges, you gain a rank. The ranks represent and show your hard work and dedication to the Adventure Scouts, and certainly isn't designed to reinforce paramilitary bullshit in the minds of the youth. 

The ranks (and the number of badges required) are as such:

  1. Scout (0) - All characters start off as this. 
  2. Fledgeling (5)
  3. Twoth (10) 
  4. Sidekick (15)
  5. Wanderstar (20) 
  6. Hildewulf (25)
  7. Raven Scout (30) - Highest of the Ranks

Example merit badges


  • Requirement: Travel 20 Hexs with a full inventory

  • Benefit: Gain an additional inventory space per level. 


  • Requirement: Document 20 beasts encountered
  • Benefit:  Gain ability to Speak with Animals


  • Requirement: Combine strange found chemicals and discovered their effects through usage 5 times

  • Benefit: Generate one extra dosage of any potions made, gain a copy of the chemicals/reagents list.


  • Requirement: Retrieve 10 beers for the GM (When they need them, not all at once)

  • Benefit: Personal rations gain an additional usage


  • Requirement: Find and meet the elves on good terms, and complete 3 quests for them

  • Benefit: Count as “Elf”


  • Requirement: Successfully use 10 scrolls

  • Benefit: Invitation into Order of the Green Spiral; No longer need checks to use most scrolls

The list certainly continues from there.


At some point in your career, I imagine you'll be able to bribe other scouts to assist you, using Scout Script (in game currency). Thinking on it just now, I'd say you'd probably be able to hire scouts of your current rank or lower, with higher levels having more abilities, but also costing more. You know, like hirelings.


With so many scouts in such a large organization, it's only natural for groups to form based on interests. Order of the Green Spiral (for those into magic), Guild of the Void Horizon (for thems that have been to the Wandering Stars), Order of the Carburetor (for the weirdos into automotive) - jut to name a few. Each can provide various resources for their members the others can't, and each have their own membership qualifications. I assume. I'll be honest, I just thought of this.

Death and Dying

Being a light hearted game, whatever system you're using would also have it's Death system removed. Instead, when a scout would enter the "Dying" or "Dead" condition, they enter the "Not Fun Anymore" condition, in which they find the current situation no longer fun, grow sick of it, and proceed to call their parents to pick them up. It's possible the current party might get yelled at on return to the City.

If you're using Cool Scars, they could probably stay.