Well of the BIG STOMPa


Are you in the need of a one page dungeon to fill a gap in a campaign? Something short and simple to take up a session? Got players dumb enough to climb down a well?

Then I got a little something for you:

Well of the BIG STOMPa

The situation is simple - whatever crummy little town you're nearest to has a well infested with a goblin gang led by the villainous BIG STOMPa. At night they crawl out and steal shit: chickens, farm tools, signs, latrines, you name it. Also there's a gelatinous cube for some reason.  The town would be mighty appreciative if you went down there and cleared it out, so their drinking water didn't taste like goblin pee anymore. 

Caution though, BIG STOMPa wields dangerous artifacts of cruel goblin magics: Goblin stilts that make the wearer TALLER. He is the boss because he is the tallest! Do you DARE confront him?