Under Hill, By Water

YOU! Adventurer! 

Do you tire of constantly risking your life for ancient trinkets that are most likely cursed? Do you long for a pastoral life where you have a moment to just sit? Where your biggest concern of the day is finding where Old Man Ruther's bastard goose went, rather than if you've gotten the right phylactery for the lich currently threatening the world?

Of course you do! Those other things are a H A S S L E. Also DANGEROUS. 

Well, you're in luck! I've got just the replacement life for you!

Under Hill, By Water

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Under Hill, By Water (by Josh McCrowell) contains everything you need to live out fantasies of being a halfling with little to no responsibilities - it's a full game unto itself, from character generation to tips for running the game to a poem by T.S Elliot. With generators for just about everything, no two iterations of the game are likely to be the same. 

But, most importantly, it's got those darlings of the woods, without which no OSR-esque game is complete: Gorcrows. That's right! You too can experience the thrill of waving your arms helplessly at a dog-sized crow, who's bent on stealing your shiny objects. Feel complete in knowing that your things will soon be theirs. What do they even do with them? They're birds.

With art by BOTH Isaac Podyma and Evlyn Moreau, it's easy on the eyes. 

So, get out there! Win a blue ribbon at the Harvest Festival. Visit every tavern in the Commonwealth. Wrestle a goat. Steal a pie recipe. Look at an elf. Learn how to spell "Aloisius." These are things you could be doing. 

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