The Wrecktangle

I've recently learned of a thing: Beautiful in it's simplicity, a masterwork in it's craftsmanship. Simple geometric form imbued with time and talent to create a work of art. 

Ugh. I should have sent a poet. 

Look at it for yourself:

The Wrecktangle, by michaelcthulhu
Chaos starts at 1:23:00

I just...god damn. I need this in my games. Cyberpunk, fantasy, other genres - it'll work. I'll make it work. 

The Wrecktangle (Y1000) 
Heavy Melee Weapon (1d12) 
* Heavy Weight
* High Quality
* Rend
Provides AC bonus as a Shield (+1) 
Takes up 3 inventory spaces

That's it, no real substance here. I just had to share this glory.