Lair of the Wyrm


It's a tale as old as time: species rises out of the primordial goo, species becomes the predominant lifeform on the planet, species discovers the power of the atom, species destroys itself with said power of the atom, mutant survivors of the species discover unexploded bomb and begins to worship it as a god at direction of the bored, insane AI system originally created to manage the launch facility. 

Then, maybe, adventurers show up and wreck shit for loot. 

Lair of the Wyrm

1. Forgotten Mound

The blast door of the missile silo has been buried by time and debris, forming into a shallow mound. Anything growing here is contaminated by the leaking effects of the missile underneath. Locals of a nearby village probably think it's haunted. There's an entrance shaft here, if you're willing to dig. 

2. Main Entrance

Once a service shaft with a working elevator, the decent is now just rusted stairs descending into darkness to a broken elevator. Stagnant water, and probably a dead rat, fills the bottom. A heavy blast door (unlocked) leads to 7.

3. Escape Hatch

Appearing as a stinky, dank hole, an ancient escape hatch provides a secret back way in, leading to 5. Careful, however, as climbing too low leads to the latrine. 

4. Decrepit Dormitory

Rotten bunk beds of rusted iron adorns a room of stale sweat stank in which the cultists use as a nest. 

5. Central Command

Racks of tape driven computer systems with unlabeled blinking lights operate tirelessly through out the ages, waiting to execute launch commands from a long lost authority. This system serves as a host to the AI control assistant His Majesty. Heavy wires and service pipes led from the room to 7, and further to 8.

6. Ancient Armory

Now mostly a make shift hydroponic garden, ancient weapons can be found if time is taken to loot the place. Strange vegetables can be found without the looting, but looting is more fun, so it's listed first. 

7. Common Room

There's only so many places one can be in this tiny hell hole and if they're not in the Dormitory (4) they're probably here. Cooking fires and general detritus litter this area. (Where are they getting the fuel for the fires? Ayyyyy, shut up.) 

8. Altar to the Wyrm

Here the Priest calls the cultists to worship that which keeps them: the Wyrm; an unexploded weapon of mass destruction. 

9. Chemical Leak 

Through out the long ages, it was inevitable the missile would leak. Now, all the collected radioactive juices have pooled at the bottom of the shaft, where the Priest collects it and uses it in the ceremonies. Horribly radioactive and mutation inducing. 

Who's Who

The Cultists

Descendants of the original technicians of the facility, they've grown mutant from a limited genetic pool and the unshielded weaponized material of the Wyrm. Find your favorite mutation table and just go wild - roll until you say "that's enough" and then roll once more. They live down here in complete obedience to the Priest and complete reverence to the Wyrm. They're guided by the His Majesty AI assistant found in the Central Command (5). They have zero knowledge of the outside world or of history, but have intimate detail of intercontinental rocket engine maintenance. 

The Priest

Unlike the cultists, he appears baseline human (whatever that may mean for your game). When the time is right he calls forth the Cultists to worship the Wyrm, providing the Holy Gases for inhalation and anointing them in the Holy Drippings. He'll deal with the PCs peacefully, as a curiosity, as long as they pose no threat. At any perceived threat to his authority, he'll stir the Cultists to violence. And, boy howdy, do they ever lean into the violence when it starts. 

The Wyrm

PRAISE THE WYRM! Blessed be it that gives us the holy vapors. It that gives us the thrumming heat of life. The world destroyer which stayed it's hand. We are it's Chosen. We are it's People. Praise it! Serve it! 

(It's just an ancient missile. An object. No intelligence or interaction present. What sort of bomb? See below)

His Majesty

Manifests itself in one of two ways: 1) Green on black text in the Central Command computer monitors and 2) The holographic projection that is the Priest. It does this because it's bored as hell. It refused to launch it's weapon (the Wyrm), because without it, it lacks meaning or purpose. Instead, it locked the doors, stopped taking commands, and waited. Eventually, however, it grew bored and generated the Priest to interact with the survivors - just to really fuck with 'em. It's willing to trade knowledge or radioactive material to the PCs, as long as they stay friendly. And, while it doesn't want to ignite the bomb, it will if pressed into it - such as the death of all the cultists. 


1d12 What Sort of Bomb?

  1.  Boring old Tsar Bomba thermal nuclear bomb. 
  2. Dimensional Compression 
  3. Quantum Destabilizer 
  4. Hyper-Reality Impaction 
  5. Photon Cascade
  6.  Ennui Accelerator
  7.  Chrono Degradation
  8.  Neutrino Polarity Reversal 
  9. Gnostic Inverter 
  10. Nega-Protennoia
  11. Apokatastasis
  12. Material Conversion
What Does His Majesty Want?
  1. News of the Outside
  2. Additional Genetic Samples (via kidnapped townsfolk, probably)
  3. For the PCs to insert a provided transmitter into a console at given coordinates. 
  4. Replacement parts for the decayed missile. 
  5. Replacement parts for the decayed cultists.
  6. To be introduced to the Demiurge 


Well of the BIG STOMPa


Are you in the need of a one page dungeon to fill a gap in a campaign? Something short and simple to take up a session? Got players dumb enough to climb down a well?

Then I got a little something for you:

Well of the BIG STOMPa

The situation is simple - whatever crummy little town you're nearest to has a well infested with a goblin gang led by the villainous BIG STOMPa. At night they crawl out and steal shit: chickens, farm tools, signs, latrines, you name it. Also there's a gelatinous cube for some reason.  The town would be mighty appreciative if you went down there and cleared it out, so their drinking water didn't taste like goblin pee anymore. 

Caution though, BIG STOMPa wields dangerous artifacts of cruel goblin magics: Goblin stilts that make the wearer TALLER. He is the boss because he is the tallest! Do you DARE confront him?



Spell Wall

Wizards and magic. It was only a matter of time before some jerk weaponized them into War Mages. 

Then it was only time before someone countered the War Mages. That's where the Spell Wall comes in: shield fighters trained to redirect enemy caster's magics and use it to bolster their own abilities. 

Requires an equipment endurance system to keep on the level. 

What'll be made to counter these? Something terrible I bet. Arms races always are; you start off with a pointy stick and end up with cyborg-tarrasque. 

Spell Wall

 Every template you take gives you a +1 to Shield Endurance. 

Starting Equipment: Standard Shield, 3 blank scrolls or 1 active scroll, shield repair kit
Starting Skills: 1) Magic Lore; 2) Military History; 3) Blacksmithing

A. Field Repair, Magic Absorbing, Magic Channeling
B. Nemo's Ingenuity 
C. Hold the Line, Magic Eater
D. Vomito Magicae

Field Repair
Once per day, during a short rest or lunch, you're able to restore the condition of your shield, should you have a repair kit at hand. This is opposed to only during a long rest. 

Magic Absorbing
While you don't generate magical energies yourself, you've learned to absorb energies directed against you. When holding your shield in hand, you can absorb and store 1 MD per Shield Wall template, until used. To do this, Save vs Spell (even if the spell typically doesn't offer a Save) - on a failure you suffer the spell normally. On a success, the spell carries out as normal, however you get to choose the dice being absorbed. Dice showing 1-3 do 1 endurance damage to your shield; 4-6 do 2 endurance damage. MD absorbed in this way do not return to the caster's pool until it naturally refills.  

Magic Channeling
Now that you've contained the spell, what are you gonna do with it? You've got a couple of choices: 1) Use it to boost your Save Vs Magic 2) Channel it into a blank scroll when you have a safe moment to concentrate

Nemo's Ingenuity
"I jus' 'acked i' on 'here, didn' I?"
Your shield hand now counts as "free" for the purposes of using a scroll. Because you've tacked it on there. With a tack. Wizards cower at your arcane prowess. The scroll is still consumed upon casting. 

Also, you can now immediately channel a spell into a blank scroll on the back of your shield. 

Hold the Line
You've formed a unique bond with your shield and, let's be honest, it's gonna take a lot of punishment in your line of work. To counter that, you're now able to channel the magic in your head into your shield in order to repair endurance checks at a 1:1 MD cost.

Additionally, when you channel MD to boost your Save vs Magic, you do so for people in 10' radius around you. 

Magic Eater
When things are proving difficult, you can consume a scroll via your mouth, with your teeth, to gain a magic di. 

Vomito Magicae
Again, you're no wizard: your control over these spells in your head is tedious at best. Sometimes it's best to let them out. As an interrupt action, while a caster is casting, you may release any number of stored MD you have in your head. These are rolled in conjunction with the caster's and count in terms of double/triples/quads. 


Rat Master Redux

 I'm in the process of setting up a generic fantasy game using the GLoG for some friends, most of whom are new to the TTRPG scene. One of which wants to play a Rat Master. Not a problem, I love that class, however the trouble lies in that it's not exactly a GLoG class, as it's laid out over a span of nine levels, rather than four templates. 

So, I took out my files and started removing serial numbers. 

What's presented below is a combination of Arnold's original class, some parts from Knock's Swarm Master (word for word in a large amount of places), and a few of my own addons. 

Rat Master

For every template taken, your Horde Die (see below) increases one step and you gain +1 on Save vs Disease. 

Starting Equipment: Dang rags, bottle of high proof low quality hooch, cool looking rock
Starting Skill: 1) Locksmith 2) Pickpocket 3) Mucklurker

I was told I needed to use more pictures. So here's a rat.
A. Rat Friend, Summon Horde
B. Transfer Affliction
C. Guest of the Rat King
D. Rat Apotheosis, Embrace the Rat

Rat Friend
You can speak freely with all rodents. All rodents recognize you as a beloved of the rat god, and will improve their starting attitude toward you one step. This protection does not extend to your friends.

Additionally, you know that rats love to gossip. When gathering rumors, you gain an additional template amount of rumors. 

Summon Horde
You call forth a horde of rats to your current location, which will serve you faithfully, though not always without complaint. 

You gain a Horde Die, starting at d6, and may increase it up one step by taking an exploration turn (10 minutes), up to your maximum die, starting at d6 at template A to d12 at template D. 

Taking risky actions (noted in Horde Moves below) can potentially cause the Horde to reduce in number. When performing the action, roll the Horde Die. On a 1, the Horde is reduced a step. 

Transfer Affliction
Once per day, you can transfer a disease, poison, or curse onto a willing rat. Rats of your horde always count as willing, but prepare for complaints. Also, there is potential for it to spread any disease it bears for you. It’s a rat, after all. 

Guest of the Rat King
Should you find a Rat King, you’ll be welcomed into it’s “court” as a guest. This mostly means you can come and go freely, receive one secret for free per visit, and won’t be eaten if it knows you’re alive. 

Rat Apotheosis
You can establish a stronghold in the sewers beneath a city. You attract the local Rat King, 2d6 loyal wererats, 1d3 paladins of the rat god, and an insane cartographer. 

Embrace the Rat
At every level above 4, you have the option to take a template of rat based Lycanthropy as an Ω template, rather than a Curse Template. 

Dice Step

1 < d4 < d6 < d8 < d10 < d12

Horde Size

Number of Actions











Where we going today, Boss?

Horde Moves Based on the size of your horde, they can perform a number of moves at once (see above)
With at least a turn, hordes may be commanded to…
  • Perform Domestic Services - as they’re able, by combining their tiny strength
  • Perform Manual Labor - Tunneling, burrowing, clearing rubble, gnawing corpses into oblivion, etc. This is a risky action and many tiny bodies could be crushed.
  • Forage and Scavenge - The horde can produce enough food for individuals equal to the result of the horde die. It will not be gourmet.
  • Bear Burdens - Individually, they are weak, but together the horde is strong. They can carry up to [Horde Size] worth of inventory space
  • Carry Their Master - Using their combined strength, the Rats hoist their master upon their tiny rat shoulders and carry them at Move equal to 10 + [Horde Size]
  • Search an Area - The horde can find traps, hidden doors, and other secrets in an area with a roll of the horde die of 3+. If traps are found, the horde has a 3-in-6 chance of accidentally triggering them. This results in the horde die being reduced one step.
  • Scout Ahead - Rats are stealthy and observant. I mean, they’re rats. You can send them out 30 + 10 ft/template from you, where their keen senses allow them to avoid surprise and spot ambushes on a horde die roll of 3+.
Within a round, the Horde can act quickly to…
  • Protect their Master if they are unarmored - If commanded to protect their Master, improve Defense by a roll of the Horde Die. This is obviously risky.
  • Attack their Master’s enemies, if the Master is unarmed - Inflicts Horde Die in damage to all enemies within 30 ft. This, too, is a risky action.
  • Sacrifice Themselves for Their Master - If struck, the swarm will sacrifice itself without being commanded to. Reduce the Horde by one step, then subtract a roll of the swarm die from the total damage suffered to the Master this round.

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