Witch Hunting Duck


It's too late. 

The witch hunters are in town and have your scent. 

I'm so sorry. 

It's too late.

Look out!

Witch Hunting Duck

Starting Equipment: Tiny trench coat, tiny hat, tiny Witch Hunter badge

Starting Skills: 1) Diving 2) Puddling 3) Hunting

+1 HP per template.

A. Duck, Sense Magic
B. Witch Hunter
C. Iron Quack
D. Magic Immunity

You are a duck, and all that that implies.

Sense Magic
You have a template-in-6 chance of detecting magic as a skill.

Witch Hunter
Your bite does an additional 1d6 to magic users.

Iron Quack
Your quacking carries the quality of iron, disrupting magic within range of hearing.

Magic Immunity
As a hunter of magic, you've grown immune to all forms. Including helpful.


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