Case had seen the medium before; when he'd been a teenager in the Sprawl, they'd called it, "dreaming real." He remembered thin Puerto Ricans under East Side streetlights, dreaming real to the quick beat of a salsa, dreamgirls shuddering and turning, the onlookers clapping in time. But that had needed a van full of gear and a clumsy trode helmet. 

      What Riviera dreamed, you got.

In working on the Augments, one idea kept gnawing on me: the augmentations of Peter Riviera. In and of themselves, they're too powerful for what I was going for in the augmentation list, but they were far too tempting of abilities to pass up. In the beginning, I was worried about balance, figuring with no magic in the world, any magic like abilities would be overpowered. But then I remembered this is the GLoG and that player templates ain't gotta (completely) worry about balance. Also, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

While I can't condone actual drug usage, I do fully support replacing perfectly working parts of your body with robotic parts of questionable construct and functionality. The human body is full of redundancies.

Dreaming Real

Some call you a mad man. Others call you an artist. Both are correct.

While most who practice in holographic art forms are content with mediocre performances using rusted vans full of old equipment, you refuse to settle for anything less than bleeding edge perfection. You've given of yourself - literally, organs have been removed - and in doing so have joined with your art. You are it and it is you. What you imagine, the world sees.

A transmitter is installed in your chest, image projection arrays line your torso and limbs, and a control unit with silco/vivo interface is lodged in your head. And it all fucking hurts.

To combat the pain, and allow for tolerable usage of your abilities, you've turned to the modern solution to nearly every problem: drugs. Specifically a speedball mixed with immunosuppressants - let's call it a fizzball, sure, why not. You need Fizzball in your system in order to use your active abilities, with each ability costing a certain number of doses to use (noted with the ability). You can have up to your Template number of doses in your system at any one time.

Also, you can't wear armor. Clothes are already a hassle as they block the light emitted from you, and heavy covering of body armor would block your projections entirely. Okay, so, yes, you can technically wear armor, but not while you're looking to project.

Starting Equipment: 3 doses of Fizzball, Medium ranged weapon
Starting Skill: 1) Modern Art, 2) Street Pharmacy, 3) Black Clinics

A     Illusion
B     Disguise, Torch
C     Color Spray
D     Scene Change, EMP

Range: 50'     Cost: 1/object     Duration: Concentration
   You create a perfect hologram of whatever object or creature you want. It moves and acts as you desire, as long as you concentrate, but cannot provide any other sensory input. Holograms can only add, not subtract, and the target area must be within your line of sight.

R: Self     C: 1     D: One minute
   Remember that scene in Bladerunner 2049, with the robots, hologram, and banging? Well, you can do that now. Sort of. You can overlay yourself with a three dimensional hologram, disguising yourself as a different person.

R: Self     C: 2     D: One minute
   Practicing with the aguments has allowed you to figure out how to project pure, white light from yourself. This light illuminates up to 20' around you.

Color Spray
R: 20'     C: 3     D: Instant
   You send a blitzkrieg of flashing light, quickly alternating in colors, into the target's eyes, with the intent to overload something within their head. They must Save vs Light, or be Blind for 1d4 rounds. Critical failing the save here indicates something has clicked in their head, and they fall unconscious for 1d6 rounds instead.

Scene Change
R: 50'     C: 4     D: Concentration
   Similar to Illusion, only you affect the entire room around you, sculpting it as you see fit, up to any number of objects. Same terms and conditions apply.

R: 50'     C: 4     D: Instant
   The thing about visible is that it's just a small chuck of a huge spectrum ranging from AM transmissions to Gamma Rays. With a herculean effort of will, you change the frequency of your projections to affect electrical equipment around you, forcing it to Save vs Shut Down. Extended exposure to this ability is not healthy.


As stated above, it's your basic speedball with immunosuppressants mixed in, typically taken intravenously ("shot up") or insufflated ("snorted"). While it may seem purely recreational at first, the strong drugs actually serve a purpose: the morphine in it dulls the pain of the augments, the cocaine keeps you awake, and the suppressants keep your body from rejecting the augments. However, like any drug of it's sort, there's a danger to regular usage, one you probably can't put off forever. But such is the price you must pay for being one with your art.

When ingesting Fizzball, give a roll on the table below:

2Cardiac Arrest

Normal - You've ingested the drug and are suffering no ill side effects currently.
'Functional" - You can still technically function, though you're irritable, paranoid, and easily confused. All rolls related to a physical or mental task ar made at a stacking -1 penalty.
Incapacitated - The drug has turned on you. Gotten it's claws into you. You begin to nod off into a heavy sleep.
Cardiac Arrest - The combination of uppers and downers prove to be too much for your heart. Your ticker is no in full blown heart attack. You've CON minutes to live, painfully, and all rolls are made at a -4. Better find some help quick.


Drones: I make an augment to work with them, but then never provide them. I am justly cruel.

Drones are semi-autonomous devices that come in various sizes and are made for various purposes. From maglev mounted cameras to a weapons platform mounted on Boston Dynamics' cheetah, each brings a unique edge to a mission.

Drones and vehicles seem like they would be counted as the same thing, but they're different. Both are still controllable through the Drone Control augment, just vehicles are a different can of worms. Complete robotic bodies are yet another thing entirely.

Making Your Own

Now, as I've stated elsewhere, making pages and pages of ever so slightly different items is not a thing I'm keen on. So, what Papa Bear is going to do, is give you the framework to make your own, then let you kids run wild with the whole dang thing. Also, this method should allow for another generator.

What follows is a list of features, ranging from mobility to assault. That's not exactly a quantifiable range, but I think you know what I'm getting at. Each applied feature determines an operation of the drone. The number of features applicable depend on the size of the drone.

HDSizeNumber of Features

Small is roughly the size of a coffee cup
Medium is about the size of a house cat. A fat one.
Large is around the size of a microwave.
Huge clocks in at the size of a refrigerator.

Why, yes, I am in my kitchen writing this. Why do you ask?

Base Defense is 10
Base Attack is N/A
Base Movement is N/A
Base Stealth is 5

HD is the hit die used to figure the drone's structural integrity. Anything less that maximum is dinged or scuffed in someway, with a 1 being "technically functional."


Mobility - Separated for easy finding.
  • Aquatic - Allows the drone to operate on, or below, the water. Adds Base Movement of 12 when in aquatic environments. Subsequent applications of this feature increase Movement by 2
  • Flight - Allows for drove movement through the air, including hovering. Adds Base Movement of 12 when in the air. Subsequent applications of this feature increase Movement by 2
  • Tread - Allows for the drone to move through soft terrain, such as mud and gravel, with ease. Adds Base Movement of 12 when on the ground, and ignores soft terrain penalties. Subsequent applications of this feature increase Movement by 2
  • Walker - It's got chicken legs. Also, it can climb up, and over, obstacles, allowing for vertical and upside-down movement. Adds Base Movement of 12 when on a solid surface. Subsequent applications of this feature increase Movement by 2
  • Wheels - Comes with or without spinners. Adds Base Movement of 14 when on flat, solid, firm surfaces. Subsequent applications of this feature increase Movement by 2
The Other Things - Left in a big damn heap. Still more organized than a Catalyst product. 
  • Armor Platting - Adds additional armor to the chassis. +2 to Defense.
  • Battering Ram - Hydraulic powered piston specially designed to beat the hell out of things in front of it. Adds 2-in-6 chance to break open a standard door. Each additional application increases the chance by 1-in-6. Structural hardness applies penalties.
  • Cargo - An empty slot allowing for 1 inventory worth of equipment to be stored and ejected. Lockable. 
  • Camera - Allows for remote visual.
  • Chemical Analyzer - Miniature laboratory that analyzes collected samples. Popular feature on Mars rovers. 
  • Dog Brain - Not a literal one, but a backup system that can carry out a simple command, should remote control suddenly be lost. If a dog could understand it, the command is simple enough. 
  • Electrical Shielding - Rubberized plates reduce incoming electric damage by 2 points. 
  • Fire Suppressant - Adds a fire suppressant system with enough suppressant to extinguish a campfire sized fire.  
  • Guardian - Armor plates that fold out, providing some measure of cover to those behind, at the cost of being a bigger target. Adds +2 to targets Defense, however suffers a -2 to own Defense. 
  • Grenade Launcher - Launches grenades. Adds base Attack of 11, or an additional grenade based attack.
  • Gun - Installs a gun (d6 Damage) and ammo for 21 shots (manually refillable). Adds base Attack of 11. Additional applications increase the gun size (d6>d8>d10)
  • Lights - External lights that allow for illumination. You know, like a light. Available in various colors. 
  • Manipulator - Adds a robot manipulator which is capable of performing basic gripping functions. Delicate operations are right out, i.e. It can hold the gun, but pulling the trigger is too fine of a motor function. 
  • Microphone - Allows for remote recording.
  • Mine Layer - Carries a single mine, which is deploy-able. 
  • Reloader - Additional inventory slot for 21 rounds of ammo, which automatically reloads when the base 21 are used. 
  • Repair - Internal systems patch up any detected damage, though it takes a while. Restores 1 HP per hour. 
  • Signal Jammer - Blocks all signals within a 200' radius.
  • Stealth - Modifies the propulsion system to run more silently. +2 to drone Stealth.
  • Targeting Array - Assists in remote aiming. +1 to all Attacks.