Martial Artist

 Everyone's got their own Monk class; this one is mine. 

I've been toying with using different parts of the character sheet for different purposes, other than what they were intended for. It's all been theoretical, but this one seems to have legs, and uses Inventory slots to augment abilities. There was also a Ghost who used their Legendarium to attack; but this ain't that. 

While I know there is some difference between them, I'm gonna be using "style" and "school" interchangeably. Because I keep forgetting. I am very tired. 

Martial Artist

Starting Equipment: a towel, 2 rations
Starting Skills: 1) First Aid, 2) Athletics, 3) 

A. Fighting Styles and Moves
B. +2 Moves
C. +2 Moves
D. +2 Moves

Fighting Styles and Moves

You're a fightman from fightland. Through training you've learned a fighting type and a couple of moves from the school. Select a school (listed below) and gain access to that list of Moves. You start with the ability to learn (from a teacher or manual) the first 6 Moves, and gain access to the rest of the list the more you master your school (take templates), as listed here:

  • Template A - First 6 Moves 
  • Template B - First 8 Moves 
  • Template C - First 10 Moves
  • Template D - All 12 Moves
If the Template A is your First Template, you begin with two Moves. 

Every Template taken after A, gain 2 additional Moves for free, chosen by roll. 

New Item: Fight Moves

Should probably rename this to something cooler. Maneuvers? Yeah, probably should. I won't, but should. Either way, this technically ain't an item, but as each Move requires a certain amount of flexibility, each one takes up an amount of inventory spaces, noted as the cost. With moves equipped, any Inventory Slot usage that would cause Encumbrance would first take up a slot reserved by the Move, thus unequipping the Move.  

While each Move pertains to a certain style, they can be learned by anyone willing to take the time to learn them. Martial Artists, however, receive a discount of 1 per template to the cost of the move, to a minimum  cost of 1. Moves within the original style receive and additional 1 discount. Anyone can learn, but Martial Artists get them for super cheap. 

Switching out moves from your inventory is a simple matter of performing a routine of exercises in the early morning. Much like the wizard nerds prep their spells. 

If the Move mentions a Target, it is an attack and is resolved normally, with the effect of the Move replacing damage. It can be performed up to Templates time per scene, unless otherwise noted. 

Costs are based on a 20 slot inventory standard. If you're using a system based off a stat, adjust the numbers a bit. If you're going off weight...I don't know what to tell you. Multiply by 10lbs, maybe? 

The numbers are janked and "seemed right at the time." Play testing is likely to prove otherwise, but the idea is there and usable. 

Abbreviations Used

[Cost] - Base cost, before discounts are applied.

[Add] - Additional slots voluntarily taken up past the cost. You may volunteer slots up to your level. 

[Total] - Total slots taken up (cost + additional).

1. Name of the Move - Cost

Styles and Moves

Style: Earth and Heaven
Pilfered, nearly word for word, from Rise Up

1. Grasping Rat Method - 10
While in this form, every time you're the target of a missile attack and reduce damage by [add]. If reduced to 0, you also catch the missile.
2. Throw the Ox-Cart - 9
Target is knocked back [total] x 5 feet in a direction of your choice. If the target comes into contact with a solid surface, they smash through it and take [add]d4 damage.
3. Laughing Tiger - 12
Your unarmed attacks are increased to light melee. You can cut ropes and shit with your attacks, as your empty hands are considered weapons. For every 3 [add] your hands count as +1 weapons.
4. Wary Rabbit Attitude - 11
While in this form, you always succeed initiative checks. For 2 [add] while taking this form, you are also never surprised during an ambush.
5. Ascending Dragon Prana - 12
Attacked target is knocked prone. They must spend a turn to stand up. You heal [add] HP.
6. Constricting Snake - 11
You wrap your Target in an elongated object:, scarf, prayer beads, etc. The target is grappled for 1d6 rounds, but your hands remain free. If the victim spends a turn untangling themselves, they may attempt a Save to recover from this effect.
7. Runaway Horse, Crazy Kicking - 14
Target of [add] or less HD has a limb disabled by this attack. Disabled arms cannot wield weapons or carry shields. Each disabled leg gives a -6 penalty to the target's Movement. 
8. Monkey Drunk on Fermented Peaches - 12
While in this form, you may move 5 feet per [add] as a free action during your turn. When you suffer effects that would move you, you may choose which direction you move. Lastly, you may rise from prone as a free action.
9. Rooster's Crow Brings the Dawn - 9
The target is knocked prone. They must spend a turn to stand up. You immediately learn the target's total and current HP. You immediately have a sense of what templates the target has. If the target has Martial Artist templates, you learn what school they are in.
For 3 [add] you also learn any resistances and vulnerabilities the target might possess. 
10. Dog Whipping Stick - 8
Target's breath is knocked out of them. They cannot speak and suffer a penalty to Attack and Defense equal to [add]. If the victim spends a turn resting, they may attempt a Save to recover from this effect.
11. Stubborn Boar's Defense - 15
You gain damage resistance equal to [add]
12. Charging Goat Kick - 15
You deal [total] damage to the target, who begins bleeding. For [add] rounds, the target suffers a 2d4 damage at the beginning of their turn. If the victim spends a turn resting, they may attempt a Save to recover from this effect.

Style: Seven Holy Winds
Seven Holy Winds
Watch as I soar like a leaf
Untouchable. Yep.

1. Flowing Dodge - 8
While unarmored gain [total/2] to Defense. 
2. Elusive Target - 10
Add +1 to Defense for every enemy flanking you. 
3. Mobility - 8
Gain +2 to Defense if you've moved this round
4. Redirect - 7
Spend a Conviction point to channel an attack against you to an adjacent target. 
5. Unbalancing Counter - 8
[Add] times per scene, melee attacks against you render the attacker flat-footed. 
6. Dust in the Wind - 10
Every time you're the target of a missile attack and reduce damage by [add]. If reduced to 0, you also catch the missile.
7. Skyward Carp - 10
Gain a bonus of [add] to Movement for the purposes of jumping. 
8. Shifting Winds of Chaos - 7 
Spend a Conviction to knock a spell back at the caster. 
9. Nimble Moves - 12
As long as you start and end your movement on solid ground you can move across surfaces too soft, fragile, or thin to hold you, with ease. 
10.Agile Maneuvers - 8
Gain [add] bonus when performing Combat Maneuver checks 
11. Wind Plucks the Fruit - 10
Targets of your melee attacks are forced to Save vs Disarm or be...uh, disarmed. 
12. The Building Storm - 15
Upon a successful attack, add +1 to damage. This bonus damage stacks with previous bonus damage from this Move, and all bonuses are lost should you not attack or miss in a round.  

Style: Berserker
A warrior of rage and brutality that pops mushrooms like candy. All moves require the consumption of fly agaric mushrooms, suffering the effects as normal. 

1. Berzerkergang - 9
While on mushrooms, for [add] rounds, you enter a holy fury. Gain +3 to Attack, +2 to Damage, and lose 4 Defense. In this state you lose the ability to make tactical decisions any more complicated than "hit it until it dies." 
2. Bear Shirted Champion - 10
When wearing a bear pelt, you gain +[add] to your Damage.
3. Battle Swine - 10
When wearing a boar pelt, you gain +[add] to your Defense.
4. Wolf Coat - 10
When wearing a wolf pelt, gain an extra attack per round.  
5. Charge - 11
Move your full Movement in a straight line. Anyone you come in contact with must Save with a penalty of [add] or be knocked on their ass prone. 
6. Battle Cry - 9
By giving a mighty war cry (at the table, c'mon, let's hear it) you force enemies to make a Moral check with a penalty of [add]. 
7. Battle Intoxication - 12
Gain +[add] to Save vs Mind alter effects
8. Effektnummer - 12
When first entering Berzerkergang gain [add]d4 temporary HP, which disappear at the end of Berzerkergang. Can take you above max HP. 
9. Warrior's Madness - 10
Felling an enemy restores [add] HP. 
10. Kraki's Champion - 13
When in Berzerkergang, you are immune to fire and iron. 
11. Immune to poison - 10
Poison does not effect you while in Berzerkergang. 
12. Shield Biter - 8
Sunder a shield to restore 1d6+[add] HP

Style: Pugilist
A bare knuckle brawler who loves the Sweet Science. All Moves must be performed empty handed. 

1. Sand Puncher - 8
Your unarmed attack damage moves up a dice size. (d2>d4>d6, etc) 
2. Float Like a Butterfly - 10
You gain [add] to your Defense
3. Sting Like a Bee - 10
You gain [add] to your attack damage
4. Combo Set Up - 8
[Template] times per scene, target must Save or roll with disadvantage for [add] rounds. 
5. Clinch - 10
While target is disadvantaged, performing a successful Grapple restores [add] HP
6. Rabbit-Punch - 10
Attacking while the Target is unaware of you does max damage. 
7. Leonov's Thief - 10
If target is defeated by you while under disadvantage, reroll Reaction with [add] bonus
8. Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov - 12
While Target is disadvantaged, your successful attacks do an addition [add] straight to the Target's armor. 
9. Irish Stand Down - 12
If you haven't moved this round +[add] damage to your attack. 
10. Harlequin Step - 14
While disadvantaged, if a Target fails an attack against you, make a free attack at +[add] damage and move 5 feet. 
11.Haymaker - 12
[Template] per scene, your Critical Success range triples, however your Critical Fail range doubles. 
12. Fibbing - 16
While a target is disadvantaged, gain +[add] attacks against them per round. 

Variant Idea: Turn Move lists into Skill trees with spendable points equal to Inventory slots used. This started as a stray thought, but the more I think on it the more it seems plausible. But also, I've already written everything out. So, update based on play testing in the future, I reckon. 

New Item: Training Manual
Teachers are good and all, but sometimes they're not available. A manual, be it a collection of word carvings or a scroll of precious artwork, allows for self teaching after a week of study, albeit requiring an intelligence check. 

Normally, training with a teacher doesn't require an intelligence check, as they surely answer any questions you have. I don't think I mentioned that anywhere. I should go back and add it in, but we've already come this far, and it's all the way up there. So instead, I'm end it...right here. 

Witch Hunting Duck


It's too late. 

The witch hunters are in town and have your scent. 

I'm so sorry. 

It's too late.

Look out!

Witch Hunting Duck

Starting Equipment: Tiny trench coat, tiny hat, tiny Witch Hunter badge

Starting Skills: 1) Diving 2) Puddling 3) Hunting

+1 HP per template.

A. Duck, Sense Magic
B. Witch Hunter
C. Iron Quack
D. Magic Immunity

You are a duck, and all that that implies.

Sense Magic
You have a template-in-6 chance of detecting magic as a skill.

Witch Hunter
Your bite does an additional 1d6 to magic users.

Iron Quack
Your quacking carries the quality of iron, disrupting magic within range of hearing.

Magic Immunity
As a hunter of magic, you've grown immune to all forms. Including helpful.