d66 Books to Find in a Dungeon


Why not?

Titles and subtitles are in bold, descriptions (if applicable) are not. 

1. Delver's Delights: 101 delicious recipes for the desperate or devilish pallet, ranging from cannibalism to veganism.
2. Smells of the Underground: Methods for detecting poisonous gases by smell alone.
3. Gem Collector's Field Guide
4. The Handmaid's Ankles and Other Lusty Imprints: A collection of imprints made from erotic wood engravings
5. A Beginner's Guide to Trap Finding: Found on a skeleton still caught within a trap
6. From Slave to Pirate Caliph: The Unlikely Life of Captain Tuberous Flynn

1. Tuberous Flynn and the Phantasmal Kraken: a fanatic's fiction
2. The Twelve Holy Geometries and the Singular Forbidden Shape
3. Orphans: the Under-Used Byproduct of Industrialization
4. Of Mimics and How to Find Them: The book is definitely a mimic
5. Fire Safety for Dummies: The book is partially singed
6. The Words of St Farious Unto the Emancipated Collectivists of Gren: A Mediation

1. Songs for the Underworld: A collection of spirit bolstering hymns to sing in the gloom of the underworld
2. Snakes, the True Messiahs
3. "S" or "F": a self guided practice for improving handwriting
4. Down Where the Stars Can't Find You: A Treatise
5. You Don't NEED That Part: A beginner's guide to emergency field chiurgeonry; 2nd printing, now with helpful diagrams
6. Barthwyn's Guide to Illeism

1. They're Not Your Party Member Anymore: Tips for handling the undead
2. Bugonia and Other Rituals: A collection of spontaneous generation recipes
3. The Cruelties of Eidos and Pneuma
4. The Heresies of Tannhauser
5. Physics and Other Superstitions
6. The Six Holy Sounds and How to Find Them in the Underworld

1. auream formidinem: Unsure what this is, but the images on the gold leaf pages sure are pretty in their movements
2. Katabasis: A Rule Book: Never been opened
3. Lichen Constellations: Navigation on an Underworld Sea
4. A Heretical History of Empires Past and Future
5. Flamingos: Fact or Fiction
6. Collected Works of the Poet-Kings: It's not great. 

1. A Pamphlet for an Anarch Werewolf commune
2. Number Witches: A Growing Concern
3. Cataphatic Theology and other Heresies
4. Ten Things Zegrem Hates: It only goes up to six
5. A Sinful Bible that escaped the burnings
6. Parchment covered in pictograms detailing the next few rooms

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