Merit Badges

An ever increasing list of Merit Badges for Adventure Scouts. Currently they're aimed at a Tunnel Goons derived rule set, however adjusting them shouldn't be too hard.



  • Requirement: Perform 10 Hard trick shots. 

  • Benefit: You automatically hit any inanimate objects in your range, while using a missile weapon. 


  • Requirement: Find a Gate Key, and visit one of the Wandering Stars

  • Benefit: Ability to Fast Travel via the Gate network


  • Requirement: Find and return the Wood Witch's astrology tools and charts

  • Benefit: Spend a Camp action to read the stars. This allows you to ask one yes or no question of the GM. 

Atomic Energy

  • Requirement: Meet a nuclear physicist (disgraced or not)

  • Benefit: Ability to repel the undead. Test is based difficulty of target and, should you pass the test by 4, you potentially destroy the target.



  • Requirement: Travel 30 Hexs with a full inventory

  • Benefit: Gain an additional inventory space per level. 


  • Requirement: Document 20 beasts encountered

  • Benefit:  Gain ability to Speak with Animals


  • Requirement: 

  • Benefit: You may now Forage for Herbs as a Camp action to generate a First Aid kit, rather than having to return to town to purchase one. 



  • Requirement: Sleep 7 nights under the stars

  • Benefit: 


  • Requirement: Combine strange found chemicals and discovered their effects through usage 5 times.

  • Benefit: Generate one extra dosage of any potions made, gain a copy of the chemicals/reagents list. 


  • Requirement: Collect 25 separate Scout Cards, including at least 5 Unique

  • Benefit: Possession of a collected card allows for +1 when interacting with the subject of the card.  


  • Requirement: Retrieve 10 beers for the GM (When they need them, not all at once)

  • Benefit: Personal rations gain an additional usage


Dwarf Lore

  • Requirement: Learn 5 significant dwarven secrets

  • Benefit: Count as “Dwarf” 



  • Requirement: Find and meet the elves on good terms, and complete 3 quests for them

  • Benefit: Count as “Elf” 

Environmental Science

  • Requirement: 

  • Benefit: 


  • Requirement: Discover 10 unknown locations. 

  • Benefit: 



  • Requirement: Defeat the Great Zeppini in single combat

  • Benefit: A single sword provides +2

First Aid

  • Requirement: Successfully use 5 First Aid kits

  • Benefit: First Aid kits have an additional usage


  • Requirement: Catch and eat a rare Salmon of Knowledge

  • Benefit: Auto-succeed on a Wise test per day. 



  • Requirement: Discover the Heart of the Mountain

  • Benefit: Able to imbue items with magic gems



  • Requirement: Successfully use 10 scrolls

  • Benefit: Able to memorize 1 spell per level per day. 


  • Requirement: Cross 40 Wilderness hexs 

  • Benefit: You may now travel through Wilderness hexes as if they had a road. 


  • Requirement: Cross 20 Mountain hexes

  • Benefit: You may now travel through Mountain hexes without acquiring Fatigue


  • Requirement: Hosting a party for the 

  • Benefit: Moments of small joys or anything characters would consider fun generate a pool of 3 hit points shareable among the characters. 



  • Requirement: Use combined Catalog items together in novel ways 5 times

  • Benefit: Catalog items gain one extra use, for you. 



  • Requirement: Accurately map 5 “dungeons”

  • Benefit: Now able to sell maps for Scout Script. Price based on number of secrets present. 



  • Requirement: Aid Randolph Carter

  • Benefit: Able to enter the Dream Realm


  • Requirement: Return a helpless bird’s cloak of feathers

  • Benefit: Gain the trust and favor of birds, and all that it entails




  • Requirement: Scout 10 times

  • Benefit: Auto reveals locations within the current hex during Camp action. 

Physical Fitness

  • Requirement: Pass 5 easy physical tests, 3 normal tests, and 1 hard test

  • Benefit: You may jump twice as far, and auto-succeed on one easy or normal physical test per day. (standard jump is 5 feet, unassisted)  


  • Requirement: 

  • Benefit: When in the City you may designate a single inventory slot as having “That Thing I’ll Need.” At some point in the future, if you need a non-Specific or non-Catalog item, simply announce “I Have That!” and replace the inventory slot with that item. 



  • Requirement: Swear allegiance to the Pirate King, or have him in your debt

  • Benefit: 

Self Defense

  • Requirement: Train with the monks of Mount Tabor

  • Benefit: Able to learn a martial move per level. 

Stage Magic:

  • Requirement: Successfully swipe 10 objects (unworn) from different people (requires nimble test) 

  • Benefit: You can now make a Nimble test to pluck an item (worn or other wise) from a person. 


  • Requirement:

  • Benefit: During Wandering Monster check, the “Traces” range is expanded by 1. You have an additional option to follow these traces and either encounter the Monster itself (1-3) or to its lair (4-6). The lair is empty 2-in-6 times and often contains loot. At the very least, the monster’s idea of loot. 


  • Requirement: Set 5 easy traps, 3 normal traps, and 1 hard trap. These are purchased from the Scout Catalog. 

  • Benefit: You are able to manufacture and set traps. Setting a trap takes ten minutes and no longer requires a check. Making a trap takes a Camp action. 



  • Requirement: Successfully translate 3 difficult languages. This is done by solving a rune based sudoku puzzle out of character. 

  • Benefit: Allows you to spend a turn to read any inscriptions you come across

Trollcon (“Troll Study”)

  • Requirement: Fell a Troll single handedly and tan the hide. 

  • Benefit: While wearing the tanned troll skin, you may enter a Rage state for level rounds (once per day). During this time you gain +1 to offensive tests, but take +2 damage on failures. Also, you’re immune to mind altering effects and ignore Fatigue slots. When it ends, you gain a Fatigue. You are unable to cast spells during Rage. 


Woodwarding (Forestry)

  • Requirement: Cleanse a defiled grove

  • Benefit: Gain an animal companion, able to detect aberration


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