Some Weird Sin


After months of playtesting, and a short campaign that got...weird, it's finally here: The update no one asked for. 

Some Weird Sin

(CyberGLoG Mk 2) 

Download it here

Notable Changes Include:

  • A useless guide for new players
  • New Class: Investigator and People's Champion 
  • Dreaming Real is now an Augment instead of a template.
  • Grizzled Cop has been cut 
  • System has switched from simple Weapons and Armor to Gear Porn. (I'm certain the players hate me) 
  • Whole mess of Augments have been added. 
  • Hacker has been named "Console Jockey", Programs have been renamed "Warez", and additional information has been given for both. 
  • Hacking system!
  • Programming system! 
  • Whole mess of Warez added. 
  • Drug system got filled out. 

My Favorite Part

An SRD has also been created. This'll allow me to get my grubby little hands on it whenever I need it, without worrying about which of my devices has the document on it. It also allows me to add information in a quicker fashion than updating a PDF for release. Also a search function. Nice. 

New material will still get posted here, but then will eventually get integrated into the SRD as time allows. GoblinBright, Bastards & Bystanders, Thunderbirds and Energy Weapons - all will go straight to the SRD, with PDF generation whenever.