Are you tired of dealing with piles and piles of scrolls taking up your precious inventory slots?

[Scene of dwarf becoming covered in an avalanche of scrolls, throwing his hands up in hopeless despair]

Are you tired of the Magic User handling all the arcane utilities?

[Scene of a screaming wizard tied helpless to an alter, having his heart carved out for the glory of Xl'azz the Ever Hungry. Zoom in on the dwarf from before, caged and helpless to be sacrificed next, his hand on his hips, shaking his head over exaggeratedly]

Well then come on down to Rent-A-Spell and rent yourself a spell!

[Scene of Magic Users sitting around paper work and arcane knick-knack covered desks, looking mostly board; all of them smoking pipes]

We've got the best trained professionals, waiting to imbue you with the highest quality spells, for half the cost of a scroll. From Airy Water to Wizard Lock, we've got them all!* And they're waiting for YOU!

[Scene of the same dwarf rubbing his beard while looking at a sack of gold, then nodding eagerly and handing it over to a Magic User seen in the previous scene]

No more will hordes of needed scrolls be taking up inventory slots that could be holding treasure instead.

[Return to avalanche scene. The mountain of scrolls vanish with a ting! leaving on the startled and surprised dwarf.]

No more will you be relying on the party's Magic User for the most awkward situations.

[Return to sacrifice scene, wizard is now eviscerated, the lead cultist holding his innards up to the idol of Xl'azz the Ever Hungry. Zoom in to the dwarf from before, now whispering to the cage lock, casting Knock. The door swings open as the dwarf gives a thumbs up to the camera.]

So come on down to Rent-A-Spell, across from Honest Hanks "Horse" Haberdashery, and pick out your new spell, today! 

(Service and processing fees apply)

"What?" You might be asking, with good reason. I was reading through LotFP spells and noticed Bestow Spell Ability. Seemed a good way to make money, if'n you had an over abundance of unemployed Magic Users.

* Summoning spell not available. We're not messing with that hassle. Strange Waters 1 currently out of stock. 

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