This part is likely to get fiddly.

It mustn't get fiddly.

It probably will though.

Design goal: Don't get fiddly. If a decimal gets used in the price, things have gotten off course. Points are provided in increments of 10 rather than 100 to avoid sneaking around this.

Design goal: Augments shouldn't just mimic equipment. If they do, as the eye augments probably will, they should be significantly better than purchasable equipment. There'd be no point in purchasing them otherwise, other than being disarm immune.


For every template you take in this, you gain 10 augment points, which can be spent to acquire the listed augments below. These points do not have to be spent all at once, and may be stored between level advancements, until used. I suppose you don't really have to spend them at all. Seems a waste though.

Before I mentioned the augmentations mostly came in two flavors: Cybernetic and Organic. In hindsight, the difference here is trivial and purely cosmetic. Trying to give significance to the differences fails the first design goal. Also, without a score to vaguely represent how augments you can take, there's just no point. Further, along those lines, I've never cared for the argument of "you've got more tech in you, now you don't relate to people." Garbage. If you've still got an unrealized fear of entropy and oblivion driving you to build a legacy, so as to not be forgotten and lost in the overwhelming sands of time, then congratulations, you're still one of us.

I considered a battery system for a brief while, with some of the augments being powered by renewable charges and additional power cells. I still like the idea, but it seems to break the first design goal.

The numbers that follow the names of the implant are the point cost. I'll be honest, they're sort of guessed at, and I would love any feedback on 'em.  The general thought on pricing was:

          Mimicked another template ability: 10 points
          Mimicked another template, but cost something: 7 points
          Rather situational in usage: 5 points
          Basically equipment: 3 points
          Filler material that still seemed handy: 1 point

Augment effects are stack-able.

Adrenaline injectors (7) - Sometimes you just gotta act NOW. Flood your heart with synthetic adrenaline (also spend a point of Conviction) to automatically succeed on Initiative checks the rest of encounter.

Bainti Modulation (10) - Like the voice modulation, only more so; and your throat is jam packed with vocal equipment. Whenever you speak, your voice rings with a digital quiver. When you shout, well, that's when things get exciting. You receive 1d6 (consumed on 4-6) and, when rolled, brittle objects within 25' of you must save or be shattered. People as well must save or be Deafened for [sum] rounds, and stunned for half that.

Biomonitor Beacon (7) - Not really useful for you, but anyone attempting First Aid on you, while using AR, receives +2 on their attempt. Also allows your teammates to see your health status, often represented in a vague number equal to your current HP score.

CB Radio (3) - An archaic form of communication, yet one that still functions when away from the Cloud. Send/receive unit with frequency selection is installed in the skull, with the antenna interwoven into the spine. Range is typically 1-2 miles. A port at the base of the spine allows for exterior antenna connection for longer range.

Cheetah blood injectors (7) - They might be extinct in the wild, but somewhere there's a lab draining their delicious clone blood. Inject it into yourself for +4 to movement for the rest of the scene, at the cost of 1 Conviction point. Winning.

Drone Control Unit (10) - Typically, control of separate drones over remote controls impose -2 to initiative, and only one may be controlled per action. DCU allows for control of a single drone/vehicle without loss of attention for the user, and, if multiple are taken, all connected drones maybe controlled on a single action.

Easy Flow elbow - The same model used by Bruce Willis himself.

Extendable Arm (5) - Gain five extra feet to your reach. However, you suffer -1 to Attack per every five feet you've extended, due to awkwardness. At least you no longer have to get up to get a beer from the fridge.

Extra Arm (10) - You've an extra, mechanical arm, and gain all the benefits and awkward clothing situations that come with it.

Gills (5) - You remember Seaman Anthony Piccolo from the second season of SeaQuest DSV? No, of course not. Why would you? I’m not sure why I do. Anyway, you’ve got gills now, right along your ribs.

Healing Factor (10) - Technically, a modified cancer. You regain 1 HP every 10 minutes. You regain 3 CON per day (rather than 1). Missing limbs regrow over a month, with slight deformities.

Hidden Cavity (5) - Gain an additional item slot. If you're ever searched, items stored here are not found.

Imaging processing array (5) - Robot eyes connected via silico/vivo interface to your brain. Choose three of the below. Purchasing again allows for selection of another three. All ranges are sight. Includes 20/20 vision and the Utility option for free:
     Augmented Reality - Allows for the overview of AR data with normal vision
     Camera - Records, and broadcasts if you choose, from user's POV
     Flare compensation - Provides +2 for saves vs blindness
     Magnification - Allows for vision magnification up to 50x
     Night - Imaging processor measure and estimates light waves and allows for vision at night nearly as well as daytime. Colors are muted and 8-bit, as the processor has to guess on occasion.
     Radiation monitor - Adds false color to detected radiation, as well as a display of estimated sunshine units.
     Targeting - Interfaces with user's gun's computer, providing +1 to Attack.
     Thermographic - Measures and displays infrared heat signatures.
     Ultraviolet - Allows for vision in the ultraviolet spectrum. Good for seeing residues and pollen.
     Utility - An assortment of useful tools: Compass, GPS display, digital message ticker, digital clock, friend tracking, augmentation report and monitoring,

Implanted Hard Drive (1) - You’ve got a hard drive in your head, and a cranial jack at the base of your skull. Useful for storing data on something that can't be stolen. Well, it can be, it just won't be your problem anymore.

Implanted Weapon (3) - select a small/medium melee or range weapon. That weapon is now integrated into your forearm and is immune to being disarmed.

Internal Communication Device (3) - It's like a flip phone, but inside your head. By concentrating on a party member, you may contact their communication device without need of verbal communication. Can be set to party line mode.

Internal Oxygen supply (5) - Contains a 30 minute air supply, with an exterior valve for resupply.

µSoft (10) - Why read when you can know? A small port behind your ear allows for connection to tiny storage chips known as µsofts (microsofts). Plugging one in allows you to instantly know the information contained on. Removing causes you to forget. Works for languages too. (µsofts work on a similar fashion to books)

Overclocked Muscles (7) - Upon activation, you're treated as having strength 20 for one round. Usage causes 1 Con damage each time.

Polygraphic Sensors (10) - While observing a subject as they speak, you're able to detect when they're lying. Not necessarily what the lie was, just that one is present.

RearWatch (10) - Most people prefer to keep their sensory implants where their sensory organs are. Less traumatic and disorienting that way. You, however, have radar installed in back of head; gain 5-in-6 chance to still act on surprise round.

Retinal Imitation (5) - By uploading a detailed scan of a retina to the augment's internal memory, the user may mimic that retina pattern.

Sonar System (10) - Redundancy is great and all; a life saver even. Though, when you take the Fishfinder system off of a boat, wire it to a silico/vivo interface and jam it into your skull, you gotta start asking questions. Spend a Conviction point to ignore a Blindness.

Spider legs (10) - Appearing as a standard pair of bifurcated legs, only chromed. Upon command, they further bifurcated in to legs tipped with sharp dactylus. This allows free movement up nearly any surface, with your hands remaining free. Typically, climbing requires all four limbs.

Spiked Heel (3) - You've got a sharp, retractable spike hidden within your foot. This allows for a surprising 1d4 of damage against anyone grappling you. No, I don't know how your foot and ankle still bend.

Spring Heel Jacked (10) - You've replaced your hamstrings with the spring out of a vehicle's suspension. I can't claim to know your motives, but falling damage is now reduced by 1d12 points.

Sub-Dermal Armor (5) - Patches of ceramic based non-Newtonian fluids are implanted just under the skin, providing damage reduction of 1 to all incoming attacks (to a minimum of 1)

Synthetic Skin (10) - More than just a skin graph, a pigment modulator allows for a complete changing of color to the user's skin. For just a couple of points more, a secondary processor is installed with the modulator, allowing for more defined control over the pigment altering, to the point where a user may display images and messages over their skin. By adjusting to the primary color of the surrounding environment, visual based stealth is increased by 2. Word of warning though, it itches like a bastard for the first week after surgery.

Tactical Assessment (10) - By running a live feed of an opponent through the military training computer you've decided to lodge in your head, you're able to determine and estimate their tactics. After observing an opponent for a round, you learn their level, as well as gain +2 to Attack, Damage, and to overcoming the target's Save. This bonus lasts until the end of the round.

Thief's Hand (3) - An array of tools for thieving stored in a prosthetic hand.

Venom Injectors (10) - Usually installed in fingertips, though some people like to replace their canine teeth with it, this allows for a once per combat poison attack. Exact effects are based on the poison, and drugs will probably be treated as poisons. A roll of 20 means you've injected your own dumb self. After each usage the augment needs 20 minutes to synthesize a new dosage.

Voice Modulation (5) - Given a sample of the target's voice stored to the augment's memory, and an hour for the augment's neural network to train, you can mimic the target's voice. Time to confirm a bunch of collect calls.

WhisperSoles (10) - Like a cat in Kitten Mittens, your sound based stealth has increased by 2.

Wireless Eye (3) - A simple cyberoptical prosthetic in communication with a receiver in your head. Given the nature of the IoT, in crowded locations, distance of the connected could, potentially, be measured in miles.

This is not a comprehensive list, and more is likely to follow.

Pre-publishing Hindsight

The least fiddly thing to do, would have been simply say "Pick an augment. You get it," rather than using points. However, not all augments are created equal. Grouping augments in packages also came up, with one template equaling one package. This seems not unreasonable, and will be on the docket for play testing.


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  1. ...I remember Anthony Piccolo from the second season of SeaQuest DSV. In fact that's the only thing I remember from it.