Knight of Faerie

Wrote most this in traffic today.

The intent here was to screw around with how Conviction points are used by a template. Sort of like how the Loa AI messed around with inventory slots. However, given the primary usage of Conviction points, I had to be careful else I'd create something that went crazy on every roll. Did it work? I don't know, but I'll probably take a second crack at it sometime. For now, though, this:

It doesn't matter what you were before: a peasant, a noble that became lost on a moor, or stolen at birth and raised among the sidhe. What does matter is you've proven yourself to a Faerie Lady and sworn yourself to her service. In return you've gained a small measure of her power and authority in order to carry out her will.

Knight of Faerie

You gain +1 HP and +1 Save vs Illusion for every Knight of Faerie template you possess.

Starting Equipment: Gossamer Chainmail, shield, sword, Faerie Mount
Starting Skill: 1) Faerie Law  2) Questant  3) Courtesy

A     Faerie Touched, Geas
B     Parry, Combat Conviction
C     Faerie Gesture
D     Bind to Service

Faerie Touched
     Being now considered part faerie, you've gained a few boons: You're able to eat faerie food without worry, reactions by faerie creatures are improved a step, and can use faerie items. On the other hand, you've also gained a couple of banes: Ringing church bells Turn you (as undead) and touching the bones of a Saint causes wounds that do not heal naturally.

     You are your Lady's champion, an extension of her will and invested with a portion of power to ensure said will is carried out. When given a quest by your lady, you gain an additional Conviction related to the quest, as well as an additional Conviction point (up to 2).

     Once per day, you can reduce incoming damage by 1d12 points. Or, you may allow your Shield To Be Splintered for a full 12 point reduction.

Combat Conviction
     Should you possess less than full Conviction points and receive damage greater than a third of your total hit points, you gain a Conviction point.

Faerie Gesture
     Faeries, by their nature, are magical. It comes naturally and easily to them, to the point where they're able to cast spells with a mere gesture. Being around the creatures for so long, and now part of them, you've figured out how to mimic a single gesture and it's effects, though not without effort. Choose a single spell. You can now use Conviction points to generate Casting dice at a 1:1 ratio, to power said spell.

Bind to Service
     By spending a Conviction point, you may bind into service any faerie inhabitant beholden to your Lady. The target is bound for a Year and a Day, or until the quest is completed. Should the quest not be actively pursued, there's a 1-in-6 chance of the target being free of their service. You can have no more targets bound to service than number of Templates in Knight of Faerie.

Ride or Die, Motha Fucka

Faerie Mounts
     Roll 1d20 to select your mount from the list below:

  1. A draft horse leaving burnt hoof prints
  2. A draft horse leaving a trail of frost
  3. Big ass bluebird. Like normal bluebirds, it's an asshole. 
  4. A cat sith, capable of transforming into a witch servant nine times. 
  5. Troll (with Dramatic Exit ability, Rider gets Dramatic Whistle ability)
  6. A corgi, but the size of a draft horse. 
  7. Big ass dragon fly, with d6 stinger. 
  8. Large two headed dog, capable of walking up walls.
  9. A normal horse - with Int 18 and the ability to talk. 
  10. A big ass spider - walk walking, web making, the works. 
  11. A lion made of flowers, further flowers sprout in foot prints. 
  12. A Harley. Runs on hopes and dreams. Ya God damn right it's got ape hangers.
  13. Human sized faerie servant with 2 coconut halves. As long as you march within 10' of them, you only tire from a days journey as you would from riding a horse the same distance. 
  14. Horse sized bat with a chirp that makes nonfaerie metal ring like a bell. 
  15. Normal horse that sometimes forgets to be bound by gravity. 
  16. A large hog. It may have been a man once.
  17. A giant hermit crab with human hands and the face of the GM. (Listen, I don't write the rules)
  18. A stunningly beautiful unicorn. Should a dispel enchantment be levied against it, it'll be revealed to be merely a stick horse
  19. An enchanted table. It's a nice one, at least. 
  20. Huge ass luna moth that can rain down sleep dust below itself. Heals twice as fast under the light of a full moon.  


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  1. Goblinpunch had a big list of d100 horses that I think would also be appropriate for your faery mounts. I used it for that "Marcher Lords" one shot I ran.