Werewolf Unionist

In the year 20XB (just a few short years before modern day 20XX) a lunar factory was established on the moon. While not remarkable on it's own, as the first lunar station, colony, mining, and manufacturing establishments were all decades before, what set this station - designated AMZN Lunar Prime - apart was the fact that it lacked even the most basic of automation. High stress parts, AI cores, Turing locks, and all the necessary power sources and maintenance cost money after all. Employees are replaceable. 

Another notable event in the history of the AMZN Lunar Prime was it's abandonment in 20XG due to what is commonly referred to as "the Werewolves Incident." 

The employees were originally abandoned in the facility, however you're one of the few who managed to glom the guts of a rattler back down the well (hop a freight shuttle back to earth). 

Werewolf Unionist

Starting Equipment: Union Card, Union Pamphlets,  Picket sign (as club) 
Starting Skill: 1) European Folklore 2) Lunar Operations 3) Labor Laws

For every Werewolf Unionist template you take, gain +1 HP. 

A. Beast Mode; Collective Action
B. Don't Mourn, Organize!
C. Monstrous Transformation
D. The old John Henry 

Beast Mode
With a moment of concentration you can shed off the trappings and burdens inherent in being human and embrace the freedoms of being a wolf. You are able to transform into a dire wolf while retaining human reasoning, with all that that implies. 

Collective Action
While Conviction is typically gained by putting yourself in trouble, your Conviction can also be gained by successfully convincing someone to join a trade union. 

Don't Mourn, Organize!
After seeing a member of your party die of lethal damage, a successful Wisdom check restores half of your total hit points and all uses of per day abilities. 

Monstrous Transformation
You've gained further control over your form changing abilities and can now shift into a horrendous combination of were and wolf. While in this form gain a claw attack (as heavy melee), implied wolf abilities, +2 strength, and Damage Reduction 3. Being successfully attacked with silver ends the damage reduction effect until a long rest. Holding this form hurts like hell, however, and inflicts 1 non-reductable damage per round. 

Anyone bitten by you doesn't necessarily become a lycanthrope (assuming they survive) but they do slowly develop pro-worker ideal. 

The old John Henry 
Once per session, when in a contested roll with a machine (before rolling), you may simply announce that you pass the test and beat the machine. 


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