I originally wrote the Martial Artist with the intention of adapting Shadowrun's Adept for GoblinBright. However, I didn't immediately do it, and forgot. Classic Wayspell. In moving over the GoblinBright material to the SRD I realized this oversight, so here (a year later) I set to fixing it. 

Also, the numbers are still getting wiggled on the original template. Originally, a template D Martial Artist could modify the cost of a move in their school by 6 (4 for the templates, 1 for being a MA, and 1 for being in school); meaning a move that cost 10 inventory slots would only cost the MA 4. This was suppose to make it so anyone could learn the moves, but could only do one or two at a time, while the Martial Artist had a whole tool bag ready to go. What it ACTUALLY did was confused the drunken players who's math skills were never the strongest to begin with. 

New idea: Cost listed is per level, paid in inventory slots. This level will be the variable within the description, rather than the [cost], [additional], and [total] nonsense. Or whatever it was I called them. Any non Martial Artist can learn a move, but do so at a +2 Cost. 

An Adroit is basically an Martial Artist powered by personal magic. 


Several monasteries and legit dojos throughout the world can be found that offer training in the Adroit art. Through hard work and thoughtful meditation, along with years of practice, the Student can learn to focus their spiritual energy into themselves or the world around them and accomplish feats hereto unheard of in the Western world.  

Unfortunately, the most popular training route is a YouTube series by a Pasadena strip mall dojo instructor named Todd Forrester who will "totally teach you to focus your vibe." 

Costs listed are per level, unless otherwise noted. Treat each playlist as a "school." 


1. Wall Run (3/level) 
"This guy was, like, the One, or something, and he was trying to get through a lobby, but dudes were like, 'No, you can't do that' and totally shooting at him. He was all, 'I'm running across the wall, lol." 
While moving at a Run, you may consider 5*[Level] feet of a vertical surface as suitable for running, gravity be damned. You must start your turn on solid ground. 

2. Hawkeye Throw (5/level)
"So, like, the hero dude was all "I don't miss," and the bad guy was "you're definitely going to miss, bro," but then like, he didn't. You just gotta not miss, dude."   
[Level] times per scene, you may treat your Thrown attack as a 1 (hitting the target and doing Critical damage).  

3. Devil Vision (3/level)
"Okay, it's not, like, ACTUALLY a vision, but the dude was all, like, 'I'm blind, and from the Devil's Kitchen' which was in New York City for some reason, and, like, he could still totally see you and know you were there. He may have been THE Devil, I don't know." 
By stopping to focus yourself, listening to the world around you, you may detect movement around you at a range of 10*[level] feet. This is done through detecting changes in air current, barometric pressure, picking up on the slightest noise, etc. As said, it's not an actual vision based ability, Todd Forrester is just an idiot. 

4. Battle Cry (2/level) 
"And he's all like, 'That's just it, I'm always angry, dude' and he gives this gnarl yell, just a big ass yell, and the bad dudes are all, 'Woah, I'm scared of that guy.' And like, there's plenty of pedestrians outside the dojo, in the parking lot, so class outside today, dudes." 
Once per scene, you may give a loud battle cry and force opponents within 20 feet of you to make a Save vs Fear, with a [level] penalty. 

5. Single Bound (4/level)
"Bro could totally, like, leap tall buildings in a single bound, though...all the ones around here are rather short, so let's start there, dude"
You can casually jump 20*[level] feet from an unmoving standing position. 

6. Combat Sense (3/level)
"It's like, when the bad dudes come up on the hero and he's all 'naw, bro.' That's you, dude."  
When surprised, you have a [level]-in-6 chance of acting anyway. 

7. Free Falling (4/level)
"So he's all "I don't need no parachute, bro, I'll just take his." but like, we don't have parachutes to practice with...sooooooooo...we'll just do without?"
When falling from a great height, you can ignore [Level]d6 fall damage. 

8. Traceless Step (6) 
"And the sensei was all 'you gotta walk across this rice paper without leaving a trace, in order to graduate, lil' bro.' Don't worry, though, I won't be that rough on you. I don't even know where to GET paper from." 
By investing the points for this single level skill, you automatically do not leave a trace on any sort of surface (sand, snow, etc), nor do you make a sound while doing so. You also don't set off pressure plates or motion sensors. 

9. Feign Death (4/level)
"Just like that scene from my favorite movie, Highlander 2, where you think they're dead, but, like, surprise!"
Taking after the noble opossum, you drop into a light coma for [level] rounds. During this time you register as Dead in all aspects. Heart monitors, thermal detection, general poking and prodding: all report "Dead." During this state you can not perceive the world around you, however aggressive enemies are not likely to bother you. Because you're dead. 

10. Adrenaline Spike (5/level)
"They say it's like, bullet time, or something, cameras, I don't know, but like, now you can do it too, dude."
Allows for an additional [level] actions per round this is activated. However, you also take 1d6 Nonlethal damage per round used. 

11. Monkey Snatches Plum (6/level) 
"These two dudes were fighting, right? Doing some sweet Kung-Fu and one was all 'what's in your pockets? lol lmao' and just took the dudes coins out of his pocket. Pretty funny stuff, dude."
When passing a successful melee Attack check by 5, and while being within reach of the target, you may make an additional Combat Maneuver to view [level] items on their person, and select which to take. Can also be used to sneakily add things to their inventory. 

12. Wolverine Healing (6/level) 
"So the bad dudes were all, like, 'rattattattat - there's a million holes in you, bro.' But, then, like, the dude was all 'grrrr, I'm a wolverine, mate' (which is like a wolf or something?) and then he totally healed all the gunshot holes." 
While this form is active, you heal [level] HP per round. Does not count as Magical healing. 


1. Air Punch (3/level) 
"When, like, you wanna punch a dude, but he's way over there - THAT's when you gotta look deep inside yourself, and realize, truly, just how much you want to punch that dude way over there" 
By sending out a rush of air (from your...fists? I guess? However airbenders do it. This is airbending.) you can punch someone up to 5*[level+1] feet away. 

2. Fire Strike (2/level)
"It also works for lighting your cigs off of, dude." 
You add an additional [level]d4 Fire damage to your attacks. 

3. Ice Punch (2/level) 
"It'll chill your drinks in a pinch, bro."
You add an additional [level]d4 Cryo damage to your attacks. 

4. Ground Pound (4/level) 
"If you're surrounded by assholes, and like, you can't hit them all at once, just hit the ground, dude. Hit the ground. But, like, hard." 
By punching the ground you force everyone with a 5*[level] foot radius to Save vs Trip or fall prone. 

5. Ghost Punch (2/level) 
"Just because they're, like, not corporeal doesn't mean, like, you can't punch them, man." 
You're able to both see and punch spirits, doing [level]d4 damage.

6. Missile Punching (3/level)
"The best defense is a good offense, dude, so, like, just punch the bullet, dude."  
 You may reduce incoming ranged attacks by [level]. Should you reduce the attack to 0, you also catch the projectile. 

7. Knock Back (3/level) 
"Sometimes, you just gotta get a dude outta your face, you know, bro?"
Target must Save are be knocked back 5*[level] feet. Should the target hit a solid surface they take damage equal to (remaining feet/5)d4. 

8. M80 Grasp (3/level)
"We all get drunk, or stoned, and forget we're holding a lit M80 at one point or another. It's nothing to be embarrassed about, dude." 
While holding something within the palm of your hand, you may ignore [level]d6 worth of damage caused by it. 

9. Penetrating Strike (4/level) 
"Sometimes, like, a dude's wearing too much, and your blows just aren't hurting them, right? Then, like, you just got to hit harder to get through the armor, you know?" 
Ignores [level] worth of a targets DR, representing you punching harder. 

10. Killing Hands (3/level) 
"My hands are, like, lethal weapons, bro. Totally got to register them at the court house."  
For every [level] you invest, your unarmed damage becomes lethal and moves up the chain by one. Remember, unarmed damage starts at d4 and is nonlethal. (d4>d6>d8>d10>d12>d20) 

11. Pain Relief (4/level) 
"Sometimes, you'll be, like, too hung over or your buddy will be, like, too shot to continue, but you gotta just push through the pain, dude. Wait, no, you gotta PUNCH through the pain, man, totally."
Through focusing your vibe, you're able to heal your targets. Through punching. You restore [level]d6 points of HP to a target for 30 minutes. Counts as magical healing. (Reminder: Targets can only be effected by magical healing once per sun across the horizon.) 

12. Chaotic Punch (5/level) 
"One time, there was this Halloween party, and I was macking on this chick, right? Totally into me. Then this nerd in a top hat and cape came up and start talking to her. Like, bro? C'mon, dude. I don't care if your her boyfriend. Anyway, I said 'never again', you know, bro?"
A successful unarmed attack disrupts a casters magical energies, bestowing [level] extra dice onto the magic user's casting. These dice are only rolled to determine Mishaps and Dooms. Effects last for a scene or until the Magic User takes a round to make a Save to recenter themselves. Levels are considered "locked" until the effect ends.

* That's right. Todd Forrester's favorite movie is Highlander 2. He's THAT kind of person. 



  1. This is a better implementation.

    I might crank some of the levels down if healing factor costs 6. Why would I reduce *just fall damage* by 1d6 for 4 inventory slots if I can heal 1HP per round?

    1. The thought was "survivability in the moment." Can't focus your vibes for healing when you're laying on the ground mortally wounded.