Random Encounters in the Tavalinen Sea

My current leafwrit is taking longer than expected, so to keep activity up, I offer a list of random encounters for adventuring on the Tavalinen Sea.


  1. A camp of the Wagonfolk, offering trade and rest. But are they what they seem? Yeah, probably. But are they?
  2. A stampede of Dire Bison
  3. Tick bite. Roll for disease (1d6: 1. Blood fever, 2. Lycanthrope, 3. Head broken off in skin, 4. Allergy to meat, 5. Skin fever, 6. Just an itchy bump) 
  4. Cultists around one of the mysterious monoliths. Doin' something evil, I bet. 
  5. A mammoth skull from which an ancient voice echoes within the characters' minds, demanding vengeance.
  6. 1d12 giraffes humming to themselves in the dusk of the plains. Does the air feel...thicker? Soon bats begin to sing, joining in the choir. 
  7. A half-orc on a coming of age spirit quest. 
  8. As 7, but the beast he is hunting has begun to hunt him. 
  9. Quicksand! The horses and wagons are stuck, and in threat of spilling. 
  10. Thick smoke on the horizon, leading back to a raided town. 
  11. Is that some sort of thunder lizard?
  12. A maiden is bathing in hot springs by moonlight. Wait...no, not a maiden. Her head is on backwards and there's blood on her fangs.
  13. A group of riders is chasing down a man. The riders claim he is a criminal. The man claims they're bandits. 
  14. Witches dancing in the full moon.
  15. Wizards picnicking in the noonday sun. 
  16. Bootleggers being chased into the depths by local law.
  17. An active still being tended by corpses.
  18. An active still being tended by goblins. The concoction is highly flammable. As is the surrounding grass, mind you.
  19. The ruins of nameless forgotten city, nearly reclaimed entirely by nature. What treasures or strange idols sleep within?
  20. Pajaki war party
  21. A half burried box. What's in it? (d6: 1. Coin 2. Mold covered scrolls 3. Hope 4. Ancient plague 5&6. Nothing.)
  22. A big god damn snake! 
  23. Heat strokes pretending to be a hookah smoking, vest wearing ferret with bifocals.
  24. Trip on a rock. Nice job.
  25. A memorial stone with weathered inscription 
  26. Large floating human head that vomits lighting from its can't filled mouth.
  27. A nest of Thunderbirds
  28. A man digging up dead bodies. "Mind your own business!"
  29. A river. How are they to cross? 
  30. A sign post which as been knocked over. The signs pointing to the next towns hang limp. Which way was which?


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