Los Luchadores

Trouble rules the land. Bandits surge the country side, as the oppressive Lord increases taxes. The old and weak are forced from their homes, their crops burnt in the fields. The poor are pressed into work gangs as they fail to pay tithes. The people cry out, their voices stifled by their oppression. The people dream of a hero. Their hearts ache for a champion. One man answers their call:

El Luchador

Bound by honor and a desire to bring Justice to the world, the Luchador is a travelling hero who's goal is to bring peace to the lands he walks. His identity hidden by a mask, his heart steeled by righteousness, his spirit unbreakable. He is a man of the people. He is the champion they require.

Any Luchador with Personality 15+ may, once per day, give a motivational speech full of flexing to re-inspire their allies and refresh their endurance points.

Level 0
Espíritu de Misión

Level 1
Mano y mano

Level 2
Influir en los Corazones
Código del luchador

Level 3
Técnica Impresionante

Level 4
Consejo de los fantasmas

Level 5
Espíritu de un campeón

Espíritu de Misión - It is said that one does not chose the life of Luchador, rather the life chooses them. This, in its entirety, is true. Should one show signs of the honor, truth, and spirit needed within their soul, El Santo will call to them in a dream and assign a Quest. Should they succeed they will be entrusted with a Mask.

Mascaras - To the Luchador, a Mask is more than just a method of hiding their identity, it IS an identity. An embodiment of Spirit. An embodiment of Works Done and Future Hopes. While the Luchador wears the Mask, they benefit from the powers entitled to their level. Further, they use their Personality to determine To Hit rolls. Once the Mask is donned, it must never be removed. Should the Luchador suffer defeat and be demasked, they lose their powers until the atone.

Mano y mano - The Luchador takes advantage when performing hand combat and feats of grappling.

Influir en los Corazones - When making a diplomatic check accented with words of Truth and Honor, and many flexing gestures, the Luchador may add their Level to the Target Number

Código del luchador - To a Luchador, Honor is everything. Should an enchantment ever cause a Luchador to shame himself, the spell breaks instantly.

Mini-Estrella - The Luchador's fame has begun to spread, with tales of his deeds told, and from it an admirer. You gain a specialized Mook who dresses exactly as you, and has half your stats and half your height.

Técnica Impresionante - Through describing "high-flying" maneuvers in a vigorous manner, the player may gain a bonus - determined by the GMs impression - to the attack they are making. HOWEVER! The Luchador must never pile drive, for it is shameful.

Exótico - With a bit of preparation and some costume, the Luchador may impersonate any individual they have studied for at least an hour. While the Mask may not be removed, those fooled do not seem to notice.

Consejo de los fantasmas - The Words and Deeds of true heroes are never forgotten. In times of great need, or in great doubt, the wearer of a Mask may reflect within himself and seek the council of the Mask's former wearers. Activating the process takes one hour.

Invencible - Though the Luchador may lose the fight, they are never defeated. The Spirit of a Champion is unbreakable. Once per day, with a moment of pause to catch his breath, staggering to his feet, and an inspirational monologue (given at the table in real life), the Luchador gains a second wind, restoring half their endurance points.

Espíritu de un campeón - To continue to risk the safety of your friends in a fight you could end is cowardice. Once per day, you may call out a single combatant for a fight. On a successful Personality check, they accept your challenge. The fight is to the finish, as long as others do not interfere.

Unmasked Luchadors 

Any Luchador that becomes unmasked loses access to their powers. They can, however, seek atonement through the retrieval of their mask from the opponent that felled them. If they are successful, while they may not wear the mask again, as long as it is within their possession, their powers return in full. The fight to retrieve the mask is carrera contra carrera, where the loser is forced to "retire", be it through walking away from their army of thugs, imprisonment or, in case of the Luchador, walking away from the life knowing they have failed.


Sometimes, despite all odds, a Luchador turns heel. These fallen warriors are known as Rudos. They are men of evil and pervert the Luchador way. It is the duty of every tecnicos (those still true to the Luchador way) to seek out rudos and offer them a second chance, or the taste of defeat.

If there are further questions, please consult this video. 

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