Sometimes, in the long shadows of the night, I get to imagining I've got time and brain space to run a game again. A cyberpunk game, specifically; set in a 20XX where Mega Corporations run the majority of things, humanity is locked some vague place between meat and machine, and chock full of all the technobabble you can squeeze out of the collective works of William Gibson. Or "Billy Gibs" as I call him.

Shadowrun is great, but I'm not looking for the magic aspect. Also a break from Tolkien elements would be nice.

Cyberpunk 2020 seems the perfect solution - I mean, it's in the name - however with 9 attributes and 50+ skills (I stopped counting), this seems a bit too long for the probably once a month session it would have to be. Seriously, "Cryotank Operation" seems WAY too specific.

Then I refound the notebook of printed GLOG rules. Seems the best fit: 6 common place attributes; contextual skills; quick and easy character build; templates easily modifiable. However, a quick search led to nothing on a cyberpunk GLOG version. Some pirate related stuff, but nothing cyberpunk.

So, then, the below happened. At this point in time, they're based on standard GLOG rules (-1.0?) but adjustments to that may get wedged in as needed.


What's cyberpunk without some sort of body augmentation? Every old system needs an upgrade at some point; the human body is no exception. Each time this template is taken, the character gains 10 points to spend on augments. Not all augment points have to be spent at once, and can be saved until use. Augments most likely come in two forms: Cybernetic and Biological. A non-complete list can be found here.

The Face

You are a man about town. Your fingers are on the pulse of the nightlife and social gossip. If you’re not part of the ‘In crowd’, it’s because you’ve turned them down and they’re the worse for it. 

You gain +1 Groupie for every template of Face taken. A groupie is like a hireling, but without the money cost. XP is shared only on missions they part take in.

Starting Equipment: Stun Pistol, Stun Baton, Silk Suit

Starting Skill: [1] - Fashion, [2] - Pop Culture, [3] - Recent News

A Nice Threads, They Know Me Here
B Street Cred, Pep Talk 
C Fanatic Groupies, Gang Uniform
D Really Good Liar

Nice Threads
Until they start making armor in pinstripe or egyptian silk, you’ll take your chances without. While wearing fashionable clothing of the same cost as related armor, you receive the equivalent defense, but without expending Inventory Slots. The clothing is Fragile however, and you suffer -1 def each time you’re scorched, dirtied, shot, stabbed - anything that would ruin such fine clothing. 

They Know Me Here
You’re a regular at a local dive bar. The patrons are Friendly towards you, and are usually willing to lie for you, given plausible deniability. For a smile and some sweet words to the owner, you can use a backroom unmolested. 

Street Cred
By recounting your recent adventures to a crowd, say a bar crowd, every character that participated in the adventure, and the retelling, receives an additional 10% of the XP received during the adventure. Usable once per adventure. 

Pep Talk
Once per session, as a free action, you may give a rousing speech to attempt bolster the spirits of your allies. Any friends that can hear you regain 1d4 HP (the DM is encouraged to give a +1 or +2 bonus based on vigorous gesturing and if the other players are actually encouraged by the speech). Outside of combat, the speech is worth 1d6. 

Fanatic Groupies
Your good looks and honeyed words have won over the crowds, to the point they’re willing to jump in between you and danger at a moment’s notice. If you take physical damage, you can choose to pass off the damage to an adjacent hireling. They make no additional check or save, merely take the damage meant for you. 

Gang Uniform
While wearing an outfit involving a symbol representing the gang, any allies loyal to the gang and wearing the same symbol receive a +1 to attack. The symbol can be just about anything, as long as it undeniably identifies the specific gang, and members thereof. 

Really Good Liar
Once per session, you may declare any excuse or argument to be both valid and acceptable. 

The Fixer

The world has problems, no one can deny that. You make a living by providing solutions to these problems. Be it guns, drugs, or even rare animals, if you wanted, you know how to get your hands on things, and if you don't, you know someone who does. 

You gain +1 Contact with every Fixer template taken. Contacts defer from Hirelings in that they won't go on field missions, but will provide services for favors or hard cash. Contacts gained in this way have Loyalty 10, and are unlikely to rat you out.

Starting Equipment: Medium Body Armor; Med Pistol

Starting Skill: [1] - Black Market, [2] - Conspiracy, [3] - Contracts

A Well Connected, Well Prepared
B Done your homework
C Line of Credit, I Remember Reading About That
D I Know A Guy

Well Connected
When hiring hirelings, treat your Charisma as 2 higher.

Well Prepared
When in a shady back alley, you may spend any amount of money to receive an unmarked box. When opened, you declare what’s inside, as long as the item(s) are equal or lesser in value than what you paid, and use the correct amount of inventory slots. It is possible to have a smaller box within a box. 

Done your homework
Any very specific detail you learn about your next job adds a point into a special conviction point pool. This pool is usable by the team, may only contain up to the fixer level's worth points, and these points are only good for the specific job.

Line of Credit
You’re known for being good to your word. Where most illicit dealings require money up front, usually in a nice briefcase or other easily verifiable form, people who have heard of you or dealt with you before are willing to extend up to 250,000 units of standard currency (nuyen, bitcoin, dollars, whatever). Mind you this is total, be it across multiple dealers or all with one. Regular repayments are expected, with rather unfriendly results should you seem to be neglecting said payments. 

I Remember Reading About That
Once per day, you may treat your Intelligence as being 20, for the purposes of knowledge related skill checks. 

I Know A Guy
Once per session you can call in a favor owed you by someone within your network of contacts, with a 5-in-6 chance of them willing to accept without payment.  

Grizzled Cop

You’ve been on the Force longer than most. In fact, of those you graduated Academy with, you’re probably the last alive. You’ve seen some shit, but your dedicated to the job and seeing the criminals of this town brought to justice. You gain +1HP and +1 Save vs Fear for every Grizzled Cop template you have. Starting Equipment: Medium Armor, Badge, Service Revolver* Starting Skill: [1] - Law, [2] - Loose Cannon, [3] - Criminal Underground A Officer of the Law B Determined, Trained to Take a Hit C Thin Blue Line D ...Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? Officer of the Law You are a cop, and are allowed to engage in the benefits of the position: free coffee at Donut Hut, running red lights, and carrying a gun in restricted areas. Oh, right, you’re also able to arrest people, call in police backup, and push your wait around while flashing the badge (targets Save vs Fear or be compelled to answer questions). On the other hand, you are also susceptible to Internal Affairs investigations and people looking to film you abusing your power. So, be careful. Or don’t. I ain’t the cops. You are. Determined This job has cost you two marriages, countless night’s sleep, and a working liver, yet you stuck with it. You can have up to two points of Conviction, rather than the standard one. Additionally, when spending a point of Conviction to attack an enemy, you deal an extra +1d8 base damage. Trained to Take a Hit You’ve been shot before. You’ve been stabbed before. You’re not fond of them, but you know how to take them, using your body armor to its fullest effect. Once per day you can reduct incoming damage by 1d12 points. Or you can choose to ruin your armor and reduce the damage by a straight 12 points. Thin Blue Line Adjacent allies can use your Save vs Fear in place of their own. This ability has no effect if you are currently afraid. Additionally all other Officers of the Law allied to you get +1 Attack while in scene. ...Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? Uh, uh. I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire six shots, or only five?” Well, to tell the truth, in all this excitement, I kind of lost track myself. Any attack made using the Server Revolver that doesn’t hit has a 4-in-6 chance of not consuming ammunition. *Note: Service Revolver is a medium pistol with no electronics. Six shots.


Ah, jeez, this is gonna require a little more room, and its own system. Found here.

Street Samurai

You’re the Hero; the Protagonist; World’s Greatest Swordsman. Or maybe you’re the Razor Girl; nerves set to overdrive with fingers full of blades waiting to be used. Whoever you are, you’re a student in the nearly lost art of Ass Kicking, always on the lookout to fight someone bigger and badder than you, until you prove yourself a master. You gain +1 HP for every Street Samurai template you possess. Starting Gear: Medium armor, 2 melee weapons of choice, medium pistol Starting Skills: [1] - Stepping Razor, [2] - Soldier, [3] - A Combat Expert, +1 Attack B Trophy C Signature Weapon, +1 Attack D Armed Shield, Unstoppable Combat Expert You gain +2 to both Combat Maneuver rolls. Further, if you get exactly the number you need during an attack roll, make an opposed attribute check as you would during a combat maneuver. On a success, you make a free combat maneuver. Trophy You collect trophies from high status opponents you defeat; be it a hachimaki of a rival bosozoku leader or a scrap of cloth barring a Corporate logo taken from a former security guard Captain - as long as it is possible for someone to identify and realize that they associate with the trophy. You gain a +1 Attack against those sorts of people. These bonuses stack, though after a while the bosozoku should run out of people. The trophies also make negotiations with that group more difficult. Signature Weapon Choose a weapon you’ve used before. You gain +2 to Attack when using that weapon. Armed Shield On a successful Grapple Maneuver against a target with a ranged weapon, you may make a free attack action against any other target, at a -2 attack modifier, using the grappled target’s weapon. Additionally, any attack made against you while the grapple is held, gets redirected to the grappled target. Unstoppable When you fell an opponent down to 0HP with an attack, you gain a free attack acton with the same weapon.


Put simply, you’re a man that enjoys a chemical dependency. Doesn’t matter what it is: HyperCocaine, Synthohol, or Crystal Pepsi. You indulge nearly constantly and have a tendency to lose yourself to the whims of the drug. 

You can ignore +1 points of Intoxication (Drunkenness) for every Tweaker template you take. 

Starting Equipment: Light Pistol, Baton, 1d4 doses of your drug. 
Starting skill: [1] - Streetwise, [2] - Chemistry, [3] - 

A Drug Fueled Rage
B Twitchy, Dependant
C Drug Resistance
D Becoming the Drug, Burn Out

Drug Fueled Rage
By taking a large dosage of your drug of choice, you may enter a drug fueled rage. While enraged you are immune to pain and fear, and gain +1 to your attack and defense. You do, however, lose yourself to the drug. Any action described as “defensive”, “curative”, “cooperative”, or “tactical” is not one your drug addled mind can comprehend. The drug says FIGHT, so you fight. Using technology anymore complicated than a gun, or a weapon implant, is right out. While you won’t target your friends, anyone that harms you (accidental or otherwise) in this fight ain’t a friend until the rage ends. 

The drug has left your nerves a complete mess. When surprised, you have a 3-in-6 chance to act on the surprise round anyway. 

Keep those eyes open. Taking a dose of your chosen drug adds 1d4+level in temporary HP lasting as long as the drug effects.  

Drug Resistance
When in the midst of your Drug Fueled Rage, should you take damage greater than half your remaining HP, you may spend a Conviction point to ignore it

Becoming the Drug
You’ve entered a new state in your drug habit: A toxic zen. Replace the bonuses from your drug fueled rage with your level. In addition, when you enter a rage, also activate Dependant for free. 

Burn Out
Your heavy drug usage has ruined your nervous system, dulling your connection with the world. All incoming damage is reduced by 2 points, even when you’re sober. 



  1. I also made a GLOG cyberpunk game, called Artificial Sky: https://archons-court.blogspot.com/2019/01/1-year-anniversary-gift-to-you.html

    It might have something helpful for you to use.

    1. I'm sad: I thought I was the first person to make a cyberpunk hack. Oh well.

    2. Cosmic, keen! There's some solid ideas here. I like out similar approaches to the Tech/Hacker archetype. Just suggests we're on the right track. I'm digging your Sunless Horizon setting, too. I look forward to reading more of it.

      Sad? Naw, man, don't reckon it that way. I figure it as we ain't alone anymore: There's potentially someone else to talk about weird cyberpunk with. Also, because both games are GLoG compatible, resource pools = doubled. Seems like a win/win.

  2. Thank you both for your efforts! This stuff is gold!