So, Josh over at Rise Up Comis has been conned into very generously offered to run a game using these CyberGLoG rule set. To which end he notes the need for an equipment list, which brings us to this post. Who's ready for another list of things?

Prices are listed in NeuvoYen (Y), as it's one of the only remaining stable currencies. It's also one of the last paper currency left. The dollar isn't worth the paper it's printed on, and is still only accepted in the most of the Midwestern Micronations. The eastern US and Western Europe use a credit chip like currency, while Eastern Europe mostly uses bullets and alcohol. Lot of places use BitCoin. And there's always Company Script. But all this is fake, adjust the prices as you wish, tough guy.

"Wait, so how do I get these?" Fair question. The system is set up to give you starting items based on your past career and class, in addition to a standard set of starting equipment. You gotta use this equipment you have to make money, then find a dealer.

For the current players: I don't know what Josh is having us do, as we're gonna already be established in the one shot. Hassle him.

And yes, I know, a lot of this equipment only does one dedicated function. That's to avoid fiddliness. To keep it simple. I've an idea for upgrade slots, but 1) it's far from stream lined and 2) Shadowrun has shown there's no reason not to have ALL the upgrades. So what's the point? You want all the abilities, you're gonna have to make room in your inventory.

Inventory Slots and Encumbrance

Inventory slots and encumbrance work exactly as they do in the base system. You've a number of Inventory slots equal to your Strength + 2. Most items take up one slot, though two-handed weapons take up two. Armor takes up a number of slots equal to it's Defense bonus. Negligible items take up none, nor do coins and gems, should you encounter those antiques in this digital age.

You gain 1 Encumbrance point for every Inventory slot over your capacity. Armor too causes encumbrance at a rate of one point of Encumbrance per Defense point over 3. (Defense 4 provides 1 Encumbrance point, Defense 5 provides 2, etc)

Starting Equipment

Starting characters are assumed to at least have the following:

  1. Commlink
  2. Credit Chip
  3. "Enough" ammo for starting weapons
  4. Lower class living space 
  5. And a random item from your last career


Weapons typically come in three sizes (Light, Medium, and Heavy) across two categories (Melee and Ranged).

Light Melee would be your daggers, stun batons, electro-brass knuckles. They do 1d4+Str damage and take up a single Inventory slot. They typically cost Y100.
Medium Melee would be your sword canes, rapiers, police batons. They do 1d6+Str damage and take up a single Inventory slot. If wielded with two hands, they do 1d8+Str damage. They typically cost Y400.
Heavy Melee would be your great swords, chainsaws, jaws-of-life. They do 1d10+Str and must be wielded with two hands. They take up two Inventory slots, and typically cost Y650.

Light Range would be your hold out pistols and stun guns. They do 1d4+Dex damage and take up a single Inventory slot. They typically cost Y150.
Medium Range weapons come in two forms: pistols (revolvers, machine pistols) and rifles (AK47, M16). Pistols do 1d6+Dex damage, take up a single Inventory slot, and allow for a free hand. Rifles do 1d8+Dex damage, take up two inventory slots, and need two hands to wield. They typically cost Y350 for pistols, Y600 for rifles.
Heavy Range weapons would be your miniguns, flame throwers, and sniper rifles. They do 1d10+Dex damage, take up two inventory slots and require both hands to use. They typically cost Y1500

This doesn't account for a third category, NewTech, which would be your lasers, sonic rifles, and anything weird or high scifi laying about. My suggestion is these should be rare and treated as magic items are in other games.

Grenades are technically ranged, and do 1d6 damage to everyone in a 20 foot radius. Flashbangs, on the other hand, force you to save vs blindness within the radius. They both cost you Y150 each.


Armor as well is divided into three sizes (Light, Medium, Heavy).

Light Armor would be your leather jackets, gambeson, or impact mesh. They provide a Defense bonus of 2, and typically cost Y200.
Medium armor would be kevlar vests, flack jackets, or those chainsaw safety pants things. They provide a Defense bonus of 4, and typically cost Y500.
Heavy armor is standard riot gear - kevlar over chainmail, interwoven with impact mesh. They provide a Defense of 6 and will run you a hefty Y1100.

And again, there's the NewTech. Here is where we get the power suits and electron shields. Good for big bads and McGuffins for stealing.

Riot Shields will run you Y1200 , take up a free hand, and provide standard shield bonus.


Okay, alright, here starts the list. I can stay focused. Name, price, brief description. Items take up one slot, unless otherwise noted.

Breaking and Entering

Autopicker (Y1000) - A gun shaped device that fits a pair of lockpick in the "muzzle" and used by pulling the trigger. Adds +1 to lock picking attempts against mechanical locks.

Explosive Breaching Charges (Y250) - For when everything else in this section fails. Consumed on use.

Lockpicks (Y200) - Required for the use of the lockpick skill against mechanical locks.

Sequencer (Y250) - RNG add-on for a Skeleton passkey. Generates random combinations to attempt to force an electronic lock. Adds +1 to lockpicking against electronic locks.

Skeleton passkey (Y2000) - Blank keycard wired to a small handheld terminal. Required for lockpicking against an electronic lock.


Chemical Analyzer (Y700) - A briefcase sized laboratory used to analyze unknown chemical samples. If sample is not found within the on-board databases, it will return a compound most similar.

Dissection Kit (Y250) - Used for field surgery. And field dissection.

First-Aid Kit (Y50) - Required for First Aid skill usage. Consumed on use.

Medical Scanner (Y350) - Injects nanobots into the patient to provide medical condition readouts to the hand held remote. Provides +1 on First Aid usage. Nanobots are Y50 a dose, are consumed on usage, and eventually are absorbed safely by the host body.

Trama Patches (Y40) - Adhesive dermal patches (often called "slap patches" due to how they're applied) that are soaked in various pain medications and coagulators that get absorbed into the skin. Temporarily (about an hour) restores 1d4 hit points. Consumed on use.

Surveillance and Countermeasures

Binoculars (Y50) - You know what these are. Don't fight me on this.

Bug Scanner (Y500) - Scans local signals for known recording device (audio and video) signatures. Devices must save to remain hidden.

Hand Radio (Y500) - Antiquated technology that uses radio waves for communication. Your grandpa called them "Walkie Talkies" for some reason. Comes with ear piece and throat mic for an additional Y100.

Laser Microphone (Y600) - Measures the vibration of a smooth surface from up to 500 yards and translates to audio data. Immune to White Noise.

Nightvision goggles (Y800) - Generates a false light, green tinted image of the world around you, out to 100 feet, allowing you to effectively see in the dark. Inflicts a -4 to saves vs bright lights while using.

Signal Jammer (Y500) - Illegal. Blocks all signals within a 200' radius.

Vampire Data Tap (Y300) - A small clamp device with plural spikes on the inside used for physically tapping into network cables.

White Noise Generator (Y300) - Good for providing white noise to ease your tinnitus so you can sleep at night. Sucks, doesn't it? Oh how I regret the choices of my youth and long for the sound of true silence. Anyway, through turning the volume all the way up, this can also be used to generate background noise to throw off any audio recording devices.

Personal Entertainment

AR Goggle (Y750) - Allows for viewing of cyberspace over the physical world. 

Bag of Drugs (starting only) - 3 doses of your brand of drugs. Drug rules ain't written yet. Time for some rulings.

Commlink (Y1000) - Life in 20XX is built around these. They act as modern cell phones, data chip readers, cameras, audio recorder, audio player, AM/FM radio, PAN hub controller, digital assistant and much more. All this in a convenient 11"x8"x1" case! Buy yours now, and be sure to pick up the latest attachments today! (Commlink accessories are typically compatable with cyberdecks.)

Credit Chip (Y5) - Like a digital wallet and debit card. Law abiding citizens will note the convenience it provides. Your sort of people will note the "eggs in one basket" feature of it.

Gargoyle Suit (Y1500) - A body suit loaded with communication equipment and transmitters for more detailed interaction within cyberspace. Typically used for video games, special batons allow for melee attacks within  All active Face abilities cease to function while wearing this. You big nerd.

Neural Brainwave Editor (Y800) - An electrode system used to alter the user's brainwaves to a desired emotion, typically used for sleep induction. Called a "vizzy" by the same sort of people that refer to a neck based commlink as an "uvvy", cyberstoners typically rewire the unit to generate feedback, allowing for a software based high.

Stereoconversion Goggles (Y500) - Converts viewed 2D image to 3D. Popular among the spraypaint tagging crowd.


Breathing Mask (Y300) - A standard mask covering user's nose and mouth, with dual replaceable filters. Popular with Sprawl and Singapore city dwellers. Gives +2 for saves against gas. More chic versions allow for fresh air plug-ins, for the occasional treat of clean air.

Crowbar (Y50) - Or "prybar" for the anticorvites. Provides +2 on strength based attempts at prying something open.

Cutting Torch (Y250) - Hand held touch powered by oxy/acetalyne gas in replaceable fuel tank. Often used for cutting through metal. Replacement tanks are Y80.

Electronics Kit (Y250) - Used in and needed for repairing electronics.

Flashlight (Y25) - I shouldn't have to explain this one either.

Glowpaint (Y25/sq ft) - Glow-in-the-dark paint that gives off a soft glow. Good for locating the covered object in the dark, poor for seeing by.

Glowstick (Y10) - Six inch plastic tube chemical light. Crack and shake to activate. Provides soft light for 6 hours that's bright enough to read by.

Glowtape (Y25/yard) - Like Glowpaint, but in tape form.

Glue sprayer (Y150) - Mini aerosol canister of industrial strength super glow. Contains a single usage, which is enough to cover three square feet (such as gluing a door shut). Add a -2 penalty to any attempts at separating the bound items.

Glue solvent (Y90) - Mini aerosol opposite of the Glue Sprayer. Needed to counteract the penalty.

Protective Goggles (Y200) - Photosensitive protective eyewear, typically used by welders. Provides +2 to saves vs light.

Repair Kits (Y500) - Typically used for various repair jobs, kits come specific to the task at hand. Electronics kit is used to repair electronics, gunsmith kit is used in repairing guns, mechanics tool kit is used for mechanical repairs. Required to use those skills. Takes two slots.

Rope (Y20/yard) - Nylon rope with interwoven carbon fiber. Can hold about 2,000 lbs.

Spray Paint (Y20) - Comes in various colors and covers roughly 25 square feet of surface area.

Tech Diagnostical Tool (Y250) - Handheld computer (wrist mounted versions available) with diagnostic programs, electronic probes, and schematic databases. Gives a +1 situational bonus to computer device repair skills.


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