What's in the box?

No, I ain't dead. Though technical writing MIGHT be the death of me. Figured a list would get me in a working mood again. Boy, howdy, was I wrong.

Any way, remember that package the trade magnate and courier get? The mysterious one?

What the heck IS in that package anyway? Let's find out together (1d30):
  1. 3 blank cassettes
  2. An assortment of blank passports
  3. Bag of drugs
  4. Random medium ranged NewTech prototype. The owning Corporation will certainly be looking for this.
  5. A human hand. 2-in-6 chance of being augmented.
  6. A human head. Intact and with a 2-in-6 chance of being augmented.
  7. Encrypted disc marked as Corporate property
  8. An antique flip phone with a single number in it.
  9. A human kidney on ice and life support. A medtech company logos stamped on everything 
  10. A plastic anime model and a note apologizing for its theft. Why is it sticky?
  11. A single eye heavily augmented. It occasionally blinks.
  12. An Android head. It is irate about being in the box.
  13. A collection of rather private Polaroids of a SimLife Star. Includes a note that reads "Please stop sending these!"
  14. Catalyzer for a compression coil. It's a nothing part, until you need it.
  15. 3 filled cassettes
  16. A vial full of a mercury looking substance. Is...is it squirming? Hope that crack in the seal isn't too bad.
  17. A dog's head. It is happy to see you and fairly talkative.
  18. 1d4 grenades
  19. Stereoconverance goggles
  20. Active time bomb with 1d4*6 seconds remaining.
  21. As 19, but rigged to deliver subliminal message upon usage.
  22. A block of tofu. But why was it cryogenic frozen, and why does it start to quiver as it thaws?
  23. A copy of Cool Runnings on HoloDisk
  24. SpiderDrones. A lot of them, with remote. 
  25. Plastic explosives
  26. Ancient, strange-leather bound grimore
  27. Laser shield belt
  28. Pistol with silencer
  29. Fashionable hat
  30. A cat and a poison release mechanism based on a true RNG. 
Alright, that was enjoyable. Maybe shorter entries are the way to go? I don't know. Back to the mines. 

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