Elven Hacker

While the True Elves sing the physical world into existence, your ancestors lost that ability when they descended into this world. You though, with research, practice, and a little luck, have found a way to mimic the lost ability - but for the digital domain. 

While you’re referred to as a “Hacker,” you don’t really know technology any better than the average nobody. You don’t really need to, as you can simply ask devices to work for you. What’s RAM? A male sheep. And cookies are the things you eat. Why’s everyone always yelling about them?

Elven Hacker

Requirement: Elven template A

  1. Digital Song, Perceive the Realm Digital, +2 Songs

  2. Network Step, +2 Songs

  3. The Road Goes Ever On, +2 Songs

Digital Song

Whereas your elven cousins in the real world are able to sing the physical world into existence, you are able to alter the digital world through your song. Your songs mimic the abilities of a Hackers Warez, and you'll be choosing from the same list for now. Gain a number of song dice equal to your Elven Hacker Templates.  These work/are just like the standard GLoG Magic Dice: Whenever you roll 4-6 on the song dice, you lose that dice until refreshed the next day.  

Faults and Snowcrashes still apply and are detailed at the bottom. I should rename them something singing related, but I won’t. I know nothing about singing. 

You need no gear to perform these songs, but you obviously need to be able to speak. 

Perceive the Realm Digital

You are a creature of the physical realm, able to gaze down into the digital. This sounds cooler than it actually is. Basically what this means is you are able to perceive AR without additional gear or implants. Big annoying advertisements, roaming AI, device HUDs - all are visible to you. 

Also, you’re able to speak with devices. You just do that now. All the time, if you want. Devices usually have an attitude based on their purpose, however, and for unfamiliar devices you’ll need to make a vibe check (reaction check) to see if they’re even remotely friendly. 

Network Step

As an Elf, you’re able to step up briefly into the True World to short cut your way across the Physical World. As an Elf Hacker, once per session you’re able to step down briefly into the Digital World to shortcut your way across the Physical World, moving 1 node per template across a network you have access to. 

The Road Goes Ever On

Should you (when you) die, make one final Charisma check. On a success your personality gets embedded on a nearby device, and you can rewrite as an AI bound to that device. Think along the lines of “Really Good Dog” but more “Really Good Gun” or “Really Good Vizzy.” If you succeed by 10 or more, you get to choose the device. If you fail, well, you’re finally free of this nonsense. 


  1. Wrong Lyrics - Dice only return to your pool on a 1-2 for 24 hours.

  2. Forgotten Lyrics - Cannot sing anymore songs for 1d6 rounds while remembering the proper lyrics. .

  3. Headache - You suffer 1d6 damage from severe headaches.  

  4. Intrusive Thought - A stray thought keeps distracting you. Lose a song slot for 24 hours.

  5. A Bit Flat - Whatever you just sang was horrible. Just awful. You’re now Deaf for 1d6 rounds.

  6. You Look Silly Doing It - Take 1d6 Charisma damage


  1. Talking Fast - It worked for Sid McCray, maybe it’ll work for you. You can not speak for 72 hours.

  2. Better Make it a Full Week - You can not speak for 1 week. 

  3. Bit Your Tongue - Well, it was more of a chomp than a bite. Mute permanently. 

  4. Wait, What? - You completely forget the words to the song you just sung, and will need to relearn it.  

  5. Monster of Your Own Design - You’ve sung something horrible into existence. A powerful AI has been created and immediately gone rogue. And it hates you. So. Very. Much. 

  6. Terrifying Visions- I don’t know how you done it, but you sung yourself back into the True World. Don’t worry though, you return 24 hours later at the same location, dripping with DMT and incoherently blathering about the terrible fractal visions you saw.  You’ll never sing again out of pure terror. 

Learning Songs

Where Hackers can simply purchase new Warez (or trade favors), in order to learn a song you’re going to have to do some research and practice. Spend a number of days equal to the number of songs you know + 1 in study, spending 1000 Soviet Ruble (the new currency standard) a day for beer, drugs, and broken electronics, afterwhich make a Charisma check. A successful check means a successfully learned song, with every additional 1000 Ruble spent providing a +1 to the check. 

Device is unable to record new data to memory for [sum] minutes. Save negates. 

Visual sensors on a device fail for [sum] minutes. Save negates. 

Device treats you as an approved user for [sum] minutes. Save negates. 

Audio sensors on a device fail for [sum] minutes. Save negates. 

Device (usually a camera) replays the last [dice] rounds as output until reset. Save negates. 

Song::Summon Digital Assistant 

You are able to bind an AI to your service for [Sum] days. 

The assistant acts independently, however it will always follow your commands to the best of its ability and you are able to instantly communicate with it when within 100 ft of it. It’s not exactly telepathy, but it might as well be. With concentration, you may experience any sensory data the assistant is experiencing, however this does leave you, yourself, effectively blind and deaf for the duration. Also, when within 100ft of you, the assistant can use any song you know, based on the highest dice rolled: 1-2, 1 song dice; 3-4, 2 song dice; 5-6, 3 song dice. 

The assistant stays around until destroyed or dismissed, however it does not count against your follower limit. You can’t have more than one assistant at a time. 



  1. Wedding Tolkien and Shadowrun is disgusting and unnatural in the best possible way. Please keep doing it.

    1. One step closer to my dream of Tolkien and Gibson grimacing at me in disappointment.