The Eye of Monoc

I wrote an adventure and slapped it on Itch because Google's analytics have failed me. Give it a look and leave feedback. Or don't, I guess. It'd be really cool of you if you would though. 

 The Eye of Monoc

The people of Garrigill have a slight cultist problem… 

Namely, the group that has taken to camping around the ancient hilltop site used by the worshippers of Monoc, god of Knowledge and Insight, before the god was forgotten about.  The location still bears the statue dedicated to the one-eyed god and, should the mad ravings of the followers encountered in town be believed, the god has returned and once again bestoys gifts unto its followers. 

Sounds great, right?

Weeelllll...the cultists have kidnapped a few of the towns folk. The town, understandably, would like them back. If only there were brave adventurers around to fix the situation.

Featuring art by Evlyn Monreau and map by Watabou’s Village Generator 

Originally written for the GLoG, but conversion to your favorite system is easy enough. 



  1. This is a lovely little adventure! You really nailed writing in a conversational tone in a way that many RPG writers attempt, but fail to pull off. (With the minor exception of area 11 of the Temple, which goes just a bit too far IMO) I also *really* like the visual reveal later in the book which re-contextualizes the cover art.

    "1d6 Arguing Cultists" is a fun encounter, since there's a 1-in-6 chance of a mad cultist arguing with themselves. A great example of how a little randomization can provide truly substantive wrinkles in tabletop games, where the fictional reality is processed by a human instead of a computer.

    The circlet of chalk is also a very clever magic item. I've spent a lot of time trying to come up with exactly this sort of item, and this is one I definitely wish I'd come up with myself!

    The map would have benefited from much thicker lines, IMO. Some of the interior walls almost disappear amidst the grid lines. Also, forgive me for being typo-pointer-outer guy, but on page 1 you've got a typo: "Once again bestoys gifts unto its followers."

    Overall, this is a great little adventure :D

    Also, if you ever want margin doodles to fill out the white space in an adventure like this, hit me up, please! I'd love to do that for you.

    1. Cheers! Thanks for the feedback! These are some of the first few maps I've tried to make pretty; I'll have to experiment with the line thicknesses. And I'll definitely take you up on the margin doodles some time. Thanks again!