Gunslinger and Preacher

Since I can't stay focused on one thing for any amount of time, here's more Weird West:


Starting Gear: Revolver (d6), Bandoleer, pack of chew
Starting Skills (1d3): 1 - Bounty Hunting, 2 - Law, 3 - Firearms

Gain +1 HP for every Gunslinger template you take

A. Notches
B. Fan the Hammer, attack +1
C. Call Out
D. Dead Eye, attack +1

Each time you attain a total of 10, 20, 30, and 50 kills with a weapon, you unlock a new ability with that weapon, chosen from the below. Note this defers from the Fighter's Notches in that it applies to a single weapon.
    * +1 Damage
    * Expanded Critical Range
    * Special Ability (talk to your GM)

Fan the Hammer
Once per session you can make a number of attacks in a single round equal to your templates

Call Out
This ability only works on creatures that can be offended and can understand you. If you challenge a creature outside of combat, they must make a Save Vs Charm to resist accepting your offer of a duel. Should they accept, conditions for time and place will be worked out, however weapons will be revolvers and the win condition will be not getting shot. Typically.

In combat, you can challenge one creature each turn by yelling at it (free action). They'll then Save vs Charm, attacking you if they fail.

<Sidebar: Duel Rules>
Both sides roll 1d20. Lowest roll wins, as this is a roll under system; loser instant drops to 0 HP with 1d6 lethal damage. If losing side is off by 10+, they instantly die. A tie between 1-10 means both parties have lost. I tie between 11-20 means both parties have missed, and the Duel is technically over. Whether the shooting is, is another matter. Gunslingers are able to spend a point of Conviction before the roll to adjust their's by 2.
</Duel Rules>

Dead Eye
Once per session, outside of a duel, you can fire a single shot and declare it to have hit, as if you rolled a one.

Note: The thought here is for a low magic setting, where such things are super rare and sinful. For something with a little more "oomph," might I suggest Chris Wilson's Convoker?

Starting Equipment: Bible, Bottle of Whiskey, Cassock
Starting Skills (1d3): 1 - Religion, 2 - Occult, 3 - Language

Gain + 1 Save vs Fear for every template taken.

A.  Fear No Evil, Calling the Flock
B.  The Power of Prayer
C.  Walk Through the Valley
D.  Miracle Worker

Fear No Evil
You speak the Good Word, and you believe it fully. This faith shields you from the wicked workings of witches. Their chances of working magic are reduced by 5% per template when turned against you

Calling the Flock
Charisma counts template higher for civilized reactions and Hench hiring

The Power of Prayer
Magic is sinful, praying ain't. You pray harder than most and it's more effective than usual. Roll 2D6 - times you used this today, then consort the list below:

10+ Works as Intended
7-9 Prayer is spoken, but choose one:
  • The Devil hates a show off. You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot. The GM will tell you how.
  • The man Jesus had days like these; of trial and doubt -- take -1 ongoing to cast a prayer until the next time you take communion.
  • The Lord helps those who help themselves, and this is your time to help yourself. You cannot cast the prayer again until you commune and have it granted to you.
<6 - The Lord works in mysterious ways, and this action is not within His plans.

  • Healing - Restore 1d4 health to target
  • Sanctify - Walking the circle of a campfire and reciting scripture, you force the unholy to make a Save in order to approach into the light
  • Revelation - In reflection and prayer, an insight is provided to the current situation
  • Blessing - Target's AC against unholy is 2 higher. Lasts a day. 
  • Anoint Weapon - A weapon you anoint in oil does an additional 1d4. Lasts until a 4 is rolled on this dice. 

Walk Through the Valley
By holding your bible aloft and reciting the Lord's Prayer, you force the Unholy to Save vs Holy. Those that fail retreat to a (Template) x 5ft radius around you as long as you only hold the bible high and pray aloud. Walking is okay too, though running is out.

Miracle Worker
Once, and ONLY once, you can work with the GM in order to perform a miracle.

Other Classes
Witch: Skerples' Witch, but Western themed.
The Gang: Skerples' Crew, but also Western themed.
Banker: Skerples' Pirate Financier, but, you know, Western themed.
Orphanarium Operator: Arnold's Rat Master, but with orphans


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